Knight-Majik on Sun 7/4/10

Artist Title Album New
The Blackbyrds Wilford's Gone Jazz Dance Classics Volume 1
Kool & The Gang North, East, South, West Good Times
Chocolate Snow A Day In The Life DSJ Volume 22
Ohio Players What It Is Pleasure (2007 Remastered)
The Three Pieces Shortnin' Bread Jazz Dance Classics Volume 2
Pleasure Dust Yourself Off Dust Yourself Off/Accept No Substitutes
AWB Sweet and Sour DSJ Volume 7
The Crusaders Rodeo Drive (High Steppin' Street Life
M-Swift f/ Marcus Begg Get Your Groove On Morning Light
Root Soul f/ Vanessa Freeman & Mike Patto Spirit Of Love Root Soul
Lanu Runaway Freedom time presents Futuristuc Soul
Omar ITS SO ( GA BARRIO MIX) Omar remix
Bah Samba My Spirit Soars Bah Samba
Gagle Practice & Tactful Future Music Vol 9
Ramp I Just For You Come Into Knowledge
Roy Ayers Mystery Of Love Virgin Ubiquity Unreleased Recordings 1976-1981
Norman Connors I Am Your Melody Passion
Lonnie Liston Smith f/ Donald Smith Transformation Transformation
Mandrill Moroccan Nights Sunshine ~ Love Songs
Life On Mars & Mantavani Buckweed Ingredients Step 2
Mandrill Children of the Sun Mandrill Is
Shin-Ski of Martiangang f/ Insight The Gods Of The Yoruba (Shin-Ski's DP Sextet Remix) Deepen
The Doggett Brothers Azure Sky Soul Unsigned Volume 4
Monsieur Dubois Something Nu The Dutch Nu-Jazz Movement-What's Nu?
Till Bronner She Was Good To Me Chilled Jazz - CD 1
Monodeluxe ft. Paola Pluck Fruit The Album
Nicola Conte Karma Flower Rituals
Jill Scott Insomnia The Real Thing (Words And Sounds Vol.3)
Julie Dexter The Race Jazz Re:Freshed Vol.1
Dwayne Feelin' Soul Unsigned Volume 4
The Hi-Fly Orchestra Violet (Dusty Remix) Kulturkantine - Contemporary Jazz Lounge Session
S-Tone Inc. How High is the Moon Moon in Libra
Quasamodo Spill Out Truth Be Told
Sandboy Les �clairs Wanderlust
Soul Surfer Imploracao Brazilectro 6
Soular Sound Things We Do Jazzflora 2 Scandinavian Aspects Of Jazz
Reel People ft. Jag Second Guess (Da Lata Remix) Rich Medina & Bobbito Present The Connection Vol.1 Modern Exploratrions in Afro-Beat and Afro-Latin
Low Fidelity Jet-Set Orchestra Forbidden Expo In Hawaii Searching For A Bit Of Popularity


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Knight-Majik, a blend of jazz, acid-jazz, Fusion, funk and soulful house. Music for those with a discerning ear, and are ready for something different with Al Knight and Perry McCotter Jr.