Dead Arm on Tue 7/6/10

man over

Artist Title Album New
Lärm Negative Approach Extreme Noise
J.F.A. Little Big Man J.F.A.
Flesh Columns Ban Nestle Products Schweigew vor dem Sturm EP
Agnostic Front Last Warning United Blood EP
Man Sized Action I Hit Girls Barefoot & Pregnant Comp
Sins Born to Plagarize Try A Dull Knife
Geizz Go To Ruin We Wait For Song of Geizz
The Stains Political Scandal SST LP
Public Humiliation Yes We Goonytunes
Chronic Disorder The Final Line 1st EP
Eater No More The Album
Necros Reject IQ32
YDI Another Day A Place in the Sun EP
Fair Warning Say No More Apathy...Never!
Vatican Commandos Your Way Hit Squad for Squad
Negative Approach Negative Approach Negative Approach EP
Disgust No More Authority The Last Blast EP
The Meatmen Snuff 'Em Blüd Sausage Ep
McDonalds Miniature Golf Process of Elimination EP
Violent Apathy I Can't Take It Process of Elimination EP
Social Suicide Foul Appetite Mixed Nuts Don't Crack LP
Chronic Sick Public Suicide Cutest Band in Hardcore
White Flag Paranoid (Black Sabbath Cover) Code Blue
J.F.A. Baja We Know You Suck
Wire Mr. Suit Pink Flag
Youth Patrol America's Power Process of Elimination
Bored Youth Warning Touch & Go
Toxic Reasons Riot Squad Process of Elimination EP
Necros Bad Dream Process of Elimination EP
Solger American Youth Solger EP
Warfear Rights? No Rights! Dead, Unburied, Forgotten
S.O.A. Blackout No Policy EP
Circle Jerks Live Fast Die Young Group Sex
Sluts Gator Rockin' 12" of Sluts
Fair Warning A Man & His World Apathy...Never!
Urban Guerrillas 1 2 3 4... Attack of the Heat Seeking Moisture Missles
Lärm Chemical Suicide Extreme Noise
D.B.F. Suicide Billy Not Bound to Rules
The Scam Off Track Everything Ends in Rot
Suicidal Tendencies Subliminal Suicidal Tendencies
So Much Hate Double Standards Apathy...Never!
Loud Fast Rules Propaganda Barefoot & Pregnant
Depression Have a Look Apathy...Never!
Disgust Another Day The Last Blast EP
D.R.I. Mad Man Dealing With It
Minor Threat Small Man Big Mouth Minor Threat EP
Solger A Man Solger EP
Dehumanizers Can't Sleep Apathy...Never!
F.U.2. Manic Expression Punk Rock
Home Blitz Perpetual Night Pertpetual Night b/w Murder in My Heart
Leather The Sportsman Anchorite
Leather Anchorite Anchorite
Home Blitz Murder in My Heart Pertpetual Night b/w Murder in My Heart
Product Human Tide Style Wars
The Stains Sick and Crazy Chunks
Killing Children Crazy Certain Death EP
Th' Inbred Scene Death Reproduction EP
Graven Image Double Life Kicked Out of the Scene
Lab Rats Suicide Pact Bombs Away
Lärm Chemical Suicide Extreme Noise
Antidote Something Must Be Done Thou Shalt Not Kill
Bad Brains Big Takeover Banned in DC
Skate Death There Was a Man You Break It, You Buy It LP
Violent Children Skate Straight Rock Against Spindles
7 Seconds This Is My Life Skins, Brains, and Guts EP

Dead Arm

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Punks in the garage, and in the basement. Tune in for classic punk, hardcore, and alternative mess. Featuring regular rotations of new finds and old favorites. I need my tonsils removed.
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