Dead Arm on Tue 7/13/10

doubled backlash

Artist Title Album
Window Pain Greensleeves Try A Dull Knife
Ruin Great Divide Fiat Lux
Crapscrapers Europa Don't Waste Money
Lip Cream Back in the Anger A Farewell to Arms
Gizmos The Midwest Can Be Alright Red Snerts
Delinquents Metalhead `Meathouse Compilation
Civilised Society It's Getting Worse Scrap Metal
The Brat High School Attitudes
Half Life Grind Apathy... Never!
Maggot Sandwich Gut Bomb Dead to my World
Capital Scum Losers & Sinners Tsjerno Kills
Cro-Mags It's the Limit Twenty Years of Quarrel
Urban Heroes Get It Who Said... Urban Heroes
F.U.2 F.U.2 Punk Rock
Savage Circle Eat the Rich Meathouse Compilation
K.G.B. Dying in the U.S.A. Can You Hear Me?
Widows Operate of Murder Balls N' Bollocks
Confederate Clambake Surrender or Just Fight!
Eater Anne The Album
Public Humiliation Death Goonytunes
Warfear Crossed Wires Dead, Unburied, Forgotten
The Stains Quit the Human Race SST LP
The Scam All By My Self Everything Ends in Rot
SS Decontrol Not Normal The Kids Will Have Their Say
Teenage Head Brand New Cadillac Frantic City
Death Patrol Hi Di Hi Try a Dull Knife
The Controllers Electric Church Tooth and Nail
Negative Trend I Got Power Tooth and Nail
Vilage Pistols 999 Emergency Big Money LP
Gorilla Biscuits No Reason Why Gorilla Biscuits
Vox Pop Become a Pagan The Band, The Music, The Volume
Meatmen Meatmen Stomp Process of Elimination EP
Skate Death Skate Death You Break It, You Buy It LP
The Dils I Hate the Rich I Hate the Rich
Brats Punk Fashion 1980 LP
Screamers Sex Boy Demos
Blight Blight Meathouse Compilation
Suburbicide Fugitive Meathouse Compilation
The Germs Circle One M.I.A.: The Complete Germs
Lärm Troubled Mind Extreme Noise
Stark Raving Mad No Reason MX EP
S.O.A. Gonna Have to Fight I Was A Teenage Pencil Neck Geek EP
The Maids I Do I Do Back to Bataan b/w I Do I Do
White Cross Suburbanite Fascist EP
Puke, Spit, and Guts Keep Slashin' Your Wrists Eat Hot Lead
Youth Brigade Violence Out of Print
The Stalin Bye Bye Nietzsche Fish Inn
P-Nissarna Fred & Anarki Really Fast Vol. 1
The Tits Folk Folk
The Lewd Suburban Prodigy Eastern Front Vol. 1
Wasted Youth Teenage Nark Demo
Suburban Mutilation Menachen Begin Code Blue
Adrenalin O.D. Suburbia Let's Barbeque
Double O There's No Reason Double O
Sluggo Suburban Haven Slug-GO!
Youth Korps Sick of Pain '82
Screamers If I Can't Have, What I Want Demos
Solger I Hate It EP

Dead Arm

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Punks in the garage, and in the basement. Tune in for classic punk, hardcore, and alternative mess. Featuring regular rotations of new finds and old favorites. I need my tonsils removed.
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