Bearcave Radio covered by Larkey on Mon 7/19/10

Nick is not here, but Larkey is.
The Beer Crave Radio tradition continues.

Artist Title Album New
Good Luck When You Were Mine Demonstration 2010
Grown Ups Surprise Party Songs
Oatmeal Another Terrible Metaphor Dinosaur Eggs
The Littlest Viking One Malt. Two Straws. Labor and Lust
Rest Assured Five Foreign Languages At Once August Demo
Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) Rally The Troops! What It Takes To Move Forward
Pennines Does Not Want
Bacio Burnside Portland EP
Medications Long Day CompletelyRemoved
Kurt Vile Dead Alive Live @ WKDU (2/17/10)
Gregory And the Hawk Frebeight Live @ WKDU (5/13/10)
Birdie Bush Trap Door Everyone Will Take You In
Bacio Pizza Guy Bacio EP
Everyone Everywhere Music Work Paper Work Everyone Everywhere
A Great Big Pile Of Leaves Mystery Of The Brain The Fiery Works
Know Think Aeroplanes Clean Closet EP
Breaking Pangaea Turning Cannon To A Whisper
Algernon Cadwallader The Stars Some Kind of Cadwallader
Malegoat My Blues To Face The Music
Look Mexico It's Been A Long Time Since I Smelled Beautiful This Is Animal Music
Boleyn I Know, I Blamed Her When I Should Have Blamed Myself Nothings All Right
Dry As Dust Kawarurio
Monument Busy Being Bees 3 Songs
Colossal Human Jackson Brave The Elements EP
American Football Honestly? American Football
Malegoat Tidying To Face The Music
Castavet When A Movie Is Made In France, It's Called "Cinemas" Summer Fences
Into It. Over It. Southern California In The 80's 52 Weeks
The Promise Ring B Is For Bethlehem Nothing Feels Good
Seam Road To Madrid Past Worn Searching

Bearcave Radio

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One frosty morn Nick was born deep in a den... half man, half bear. Ostracized from the bear community and shunned from the humans, he wandered cold and all alone for years. As luck would have it, he nested down one winter in the bowels of the Creese student center, unaware that his new found den also housed a radio station. Asked by a scruffy looking man wearing flannel if he'd be interested in having a show, Nick gladly accepted, ecstatic that he had found a place that would take him in. After several feverish hours spent learning what music was and how to speak english, Bear Cave Radio was born.