Dead Arm on Tue 7/27/10


Artist Title Album New
Hubble Bubble Freaks... Out Hubble Bubble
Victims TV Freak Victims
Negative Approach Sick of Talk Negative Approach EP
The Teen Idles Sneakers Minor Disturbance EP
Youth Patrol America's Power Process of Elimination
Pissed Jeans I'm Sick Shallow
Descendents I Like Food Fat EP
Mistaken Identity Again From the Valley Within
Negative Approach Pressure Negative Approach EP
D.R.I. Slit My Wrist Dealing With It
McDonalds Miniature Golf Process of Elimination
YDI Get Up and Fight/Zombie Youth A Place in the Sun EP
S.O.A. I Hate the Kids Flex Your Head
Black Flag You Bet We've Got Something Personal Against You The First Four Years
Violent Children Skate Straight Rock Against Spindlers
Youth Korps Break Loose '82
Disturbed Jesus Freaks Disturbed
Skate Death There Was a Man You Break It, You Buy It
Agent Orange Breakdown Living In Darkness
Gorilla Biscuits Breaking Free Gorilla Biscuits
Jerry's Kids Break the Mold Is This My World?
Lärm Drunk Freak Extreme Noise
Musical Suicide Freak Show Little Fish in the Big Sea
The Fiends Fiends/Nitro Party We've Come For Your Beer
The Misfits Demonomania Earth A.D.
Faction The Demons From the Valley Within
Cro-Mags Crush the Demoniac Twenty Years of Quarrel
Mourning Noise Demon Eyes Mourning Noise
Fuck Geez Shimensoka Apathy... Never!
Fuck-Ups! Negative Reaction FU82 EP
Descendents Mass Nerder Cool to Be You
Public Humiliation Death Goonytunes
Even Worse 1984 EP
The Execute Ghost Candle A Farewell to Arms
Liberty Determine Your Destiny People Who Care are Angry
Wehrmacht Frettboard Gymnastics Shark Attack
Short Dark Strangers Filthy Knickers Rotten Punk Rocker Razor Attack
Leather The Sportsman Anchorite
Leather Anchorite Anchorite
Homostupids R Companion Night Deacon
Homostupids The Donovan (chop chop chop) Night Deacon
The Middle Class Love is a Just a Tool Tooth and Nail
F.U.2 Tax Exile Punk Rock
S.O.A. Public Defender I Was a Teenage Pencil Neck Geek EP
Chronic Sick Dress Code Cutest Band in Harcore
The Fiends Riot in the Men's Room We've Come for Your Beer
Warfear Sick Fucking Bastard Dead, Unburied, Forgotten
Agnostic Front Sickness Riot, Riot, Upstart
Idol Threats Sick on England Barefoot & Pregnant Compilation

Dead Arm

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Tuesday 9-11pm
Punks in the garage, and in the basement. Tune in for classic punk, hardcore, and alternative mess. Featuring regular rotations of new finds and old favorites. I need my tonsils removed.
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