20 Minutes into the Future on Thu 7/29/10

'label' column contains time played

Artist Title Album Label New
Aphex Twin Girl/Boy Song 2103
Boys Noize Down 2107
Erlend Oye The Black Keys Work 2112
John Tejada The End Of It All 2118
D-Nox Seven Hours 2125
Underworld Cherry Pie 2134
Boy 8-Bit Suspense Is Killing Me 2142
Bitcrush Untilted (Worm Is Green remix) From Arcs To Embers 2145
Trentemoller Sycamore Feeling (Thomas Schumacher remix) Sycamore Feeling 2152
Solvent No One Should Be Living Here Subject To Shift 2200
FM Belfast Par Avion How To Make Friends 2204
Autokratz Last Show Animal 2207
Devo Later Is Now Something For Everybody 2212
DJ Fresh Submarines 2216
Telefon Tel Aviv The Worst Thing In The World 2222
Chris Salt Ik Ben Terug (The Pocketwatchers remix) 2227
Christian Varela Colmedream 2231
Xenia Beliayeva Ever Since 2237
VHS Or BETA Burn It All Down (Fred Falke remix) 2240
Sono Better 2247
Groove Armada, Fenech Soler, SaintSaviour Paper Romance (Urchins remix) 2253
Ferry Corsten Rock Your Body Rock 2257
Arc 8:47 AM 2301

20 Minutes into the Future

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In the future, there will be machines which will produce a religious experience in the user. 20 Minutes Into The Future can only be heard on WKDU Philadelphia. For more information, visit wkdu.org .

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