Dead Industry Radio on Tue 8/3/10

Artist Title Album
The Measure (SA) Hello Bastards Songs About People...And Fruit... And Shit
The Simpsons Underwater Wonderland Songs In The Key Of Springfield
Gang Of Four Damaged Goods Entertainment!
Endless Mike And The Beagle Club Untitled (As Of Yet) The Husky Tenor
Chinese Telephones Back To You Again Chinese Telephones
Bad Astronaut Go Humans Twelve Small Steps, One Giant Disapointment
Lagrecia Two Shotguns On Parelles
Propagandhi Albright Monument Bagdad Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes
The Gaslight Anthem Wherefore Art Thou Elivs? Senor And The Queen
Descendants Green Still Hungry, Enjoy
Pinhead Gunpowder Backyard Flames Goodbye Ellston Avenue
Common Rider Blue Sparks Spilt 7" w/ Against All Authority
The Ergs! Bike Shoppe Upstairs/Downstairs
Screeching Weasel Planet Of The Apes How To Make Enemies And Irritate People
The Replacements I Will Dare Let It Be
Against Me! Slurring The Rhythms As The Eternal Cowboy
The Menzingers Dark Side Of The Poon something never released, that you were never intended to hear
The Greek Favourites One Knot Split 7" w/ Glocca Mora
The Greek Favourites Wax Wings Split 7" w/ Glocca Mora
Omar Nism I'm Not Mad, I'm Just Mad That Your Mad
The Simpsons Can I Borrow A Feeling Songs In The Key Of Springfield
The Menzingers Straight To Hell A Lesson In The Abuse Of Information Technology
Tigers Jaw Dent Split 12' w/ Balance And Composer
The Holy Mess Easy On The Pepsi Fuller DISMOUNT
Timeshares Everyday Doops Timeshares
Dillinger Four Who Didn't Kill Bambi Versus God
Ceremony Moving Princiapal Rohnert Park
Bridge And Tunnel Predecessors Indoor Voices
Dead To Me Arrhythmic Palpitations Little Brother
Green Day Jason Andrew Relva The Angus Soundtrack
Screeching Weasel American Dream You Broke My Fucking Heart 7"
The Queers Get Over You Surf Goddess 7"
The Ramones Needles And Pins All The Stuff And More Volume Two
Saves The Day Hold Ups And Downs

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