Dead Arm on Tue 8/10/10


Artist Title Album New
Urban Guerrillas 1 2 3 4 Attack of the Heat Seeking Moisture Missiles
Suburbicide Fugitive Meathouse Comp
F.U.'s Ode to Larry Joe Code Blue
Articles of Faith Surrogate Code Blue
D.R.I. Counter Attack Dealing With It
Charles Bronson Youth Attack! Complete Discocrappy
Heart Attack God is Dead God Is Dead
7 Seconds Panic Attack 7 Seconds
Adolescents Word Attack The Adolescents
The Ergs Sneak Attack Hind Sight is 20/20 My Friend
The Piranhas Piranhas Attack The Piranhas
White Cross Nuke Attack Fascist EP
Delinquents Metalhead Meathouse Comp
The Walking Ruins 54 Blows The Fall of the House of Ruin
The Eyes Disneyland Dangerhouse, Vol. 1
Vomit Pigs Solitary Confinement Are We Too Late for the Trend?
The Weirdos My Face is on Your Lunchbox Dangerhouse, Vol. 1
Vatican Commandos Housewives on Valium Hit Squad for God
The Alley Cats Nothing Means Nothing Anymore Dangerhouse, Vol. 1
The Dils Mr. Big Dangerhouse, Vol. 2
Rhino 39 Xerox 12 Dangerhouse, Vol. 2
The Weirdos Neutron Bomb Dangerhouse, Vol. 2
Adrenalin O.D. House Husband Let's Barbeque
Battalion of Saints Witchworld Meathouse Comp
GG Allin Automatic Always Was, Is & Always Shall Be
Disorder Air Raid Air Raid
Meat Puppets Foreign Lawns Meat Puppets EP
Impact Unit Dead Meat My Friends the Pit
Dicks Hate the Police 1980-1986
Flag of Democracy Meat Factory Love Songs
Agent Orange Everything Turns Gray Living in Darkness
The Germs No God M.I.A. The Complete Germs
The Skuds Dead Dogs Are We Too Late for the Trend
Circle Jerks Wasted Group Sex
Snakes Karren Ann Are We Too Late for the Trend
Impact Unit Complain My Friend the Pit
Bugs Doda Doda Computer is No Loser
The Infants Giant Girl in the 5th Grade Are We Too Late for the Trend
The Eat Ballbusters on Parade Scattered Wahoo Action Cassette
Superman's Girlfriends Lois, Lois Are We Too Late for the Trend?
Rabies Can It Kill You
Naked Raygun Rat Patrol Huge Bigness
S.O.A. Riot I Was a Teenage Pencil Neck Geek
Suicidal Tendencies Memories of Tomorrow Suicidal Tendencies
T.S.O.L. No Way Out T.S.O.L.
Capitol Punishment Clovis Meathouse Comp
Wire Straight Line Pink Flag
Dry Feet Long Live Dry Feet Philadelphia Beach
Short Dark Strangers Filthy Knickers Rotten Punk Rocker Razor Attack
Leather The Sportsman Anchorite
Leather Anchorite Anchorite
Dry Feet Talkin' Bout, He Tired Philadelphia Beach
Control Nightmare in my Closet Are We Too Late for the Trend?
D.O.A. Unknown Eastern Front Vol. 1
War Zone Marriage of Convenience/ Yahoo Song Eastern Front Vol. 1
Flipper Ever Eastern Front Vol. 1
Gorilla Biscuits Competition Start Today
Law & Order Money Meathouse Comp
Mourning Noise Underground Zero Meathouse Comp
Negative Element National Socialism Meathouse Comp
Radical Left Society Hates You Meathouse Comp
Rebel Truth Think About It Meathouse Comp
Savage Circle We Don't Have To Meathouse Comp
Shellac The End of Radio Excellent Italian Greyhound

Dead Arm

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Punks in the garage, and in the basement. Tune in for classic punk, hardcore, and alternative mess. Featuring regular rotations of new finds and old favorites. I need my tonsils removed.
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