Music that Kills Puppies on Tue 8/17/10

Cannabis Corpse radio

Artist Title Album Label New
Coliseum Everything to Everyone House with a Curse
Kvelertak Blodtorst S/T
Disfear The Final of Chapters Misanthropic Generation
Mayhem Necrolust Deathcrush
Kreator Tormentor Endless Pain
Bazooka Blitzkrieg Toxic Warriors
Black Breath Heavy Breathing Heavy Breathing
Black Breath Children of the Horn Heavy Breathing
Early Man By the Serpents Breath You Seeth Death Potion
Vektor Black Future Black Future
Havok Afterburner Burn
Sodom Ausgebombt Agent Orange
Gloominous Doom Now Urine Trouble The Feature
Black Trinity Hate is Fertile In this Black Thrashing Night of Infernal Hell
Battlemaster This Mead is Making me Warlike Warthirsting and Winterbound
Cannabis Corpse Every Bud Smoken Tube of the Resinated
Repugnant Eating from a Coffin Epitome of Darkness
Coffins Evil Infection The Other Side of Blasphemy
Necrovation Recessed in Frailty Breed Deadness Blood
Putrid Coffinshaker Morbid Awakening
Tribuilation Churning Sea of Absu Putrid Rebirth
Cobalt Pregnant Insect Gin
Ash Borer Untitled I Demo
Castevet Grey Matter Mounds of Ash
Dark Castle Awake in Sleep Spirited Migration
Baroness Aleph Red Album

Music that Kills Puppies

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Big Balls, Bigger Riffs.

I command you to listen to Music that Kills Puppies. And, no, I don't mean the music Michael Vick listens to. Scare away your friends and family with music that your grandma thinks sounds like hedge-clippers. Not bound by stigma, creed, or ethos; a potent mix of the most hellish music this world has to offer.