Dead Arm on Tue 8/17/10

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Artist Title Album New
7 Seconds Regress, No Way 7 Seconds
Lab Rats Suicide Pact Bombs Away
Adolescents No Way The Adolescents
Descendents I Quit 'Merican EP
Media Disease Beyond Help Hit & Run
Vatican Commandos Your Way Hit Squad for God
HUVUDTVÄTT Kalldusch Really Fast Vol. 1
Sabotage 81 Hall Kaft Hall Kaft
Necros IQ32 IQ32
The Razors Subway The Razors
The Scam The Way Things Are Everything Ends in Rot
Eater Queen Bitch The Album
IQ 55 Stangda Dorrar Demo
Skams Discoglin Skams
Lärm Nuclear Barbeque Party Extreme Noise
Hitler SS Slave Hitler SS/Tampax EP
Vatican Commandos Why Must I Follow Hit Squad for God
SS Decontrol Fight Them The Kids Will Have Their Say
The Teen Idles Getting In My Way Minor Disturbance EP
Vom Broads are Equal Mabuhay Gardens Live
United Mutation Own Way Fugitive Family
Toxic Reasons Can't Get Away God Bless America
Graven Image Nails and Thorns Kicked Out of the Scene
X Nausea Los Angeles
Code of Honor Not if I Can Help It Beware the Savage Jew
The F.U.'s CETA Suckers Unsafe at any Speed
The Micronotz Polyester Slave The Beast that Devoured Itself
Zero Boys Stoned to Death (For Sexual Offenses) Livin' in the 80s
647(F) Toys R Us Death Squad Cop Corpse
Adrenalin O.D. Trans Am Let's Barbeque
Gang Green Have Fun This is Boston, Not L.A.
Graven Image Operation Shrink Kicked Out of the Scene
Bored Youth They Don't Have the Right Touch & Go
Final Conflict The Lines Have Faded Final Conflict EP
Lärm Animals Have Feelings Too Extreme Noise
Sluggo Suburban Haven Sluggo
Fuck Ups Once I Had a Brother FU82EP
Asta Kask Ditt Liv Really Fast Vol. 1
Destroy Snutstat-82 Really Fast Vol. 1
DNA Döda Hjärnor Really Fast Vol. 1
Hidden Industrials Örgon Really Fast Vol. 1
Missbrukarna Mutera Really Fast Vol. 1
Nasty Boys Jag Hatar Really Fast Vol. 1
Product Assar Regeringen Really Fast Vol. 1
Terror Pop Du Är Död Really Fast Vol. 1
Middle Class Insurgence Out of Vogue
D.R.I. I Don't Need Society Dealing With It
Tommy and the Terrors I Don't Wanna Mass Hysteria
Minor Threat I Don't Wanna Hear It First 2 7"s
Cro-Mags Don't Tread on Me Sign of the Times
Toxic Reasons Somebody Help Me Charred Remains Tape
Short Dark Strangers Running with the Babylon Kids Rotten Punk Rocker Razor Attack
Leather The Sportsman Anchorite
Leather Anchorite Anchorite
Short Dark Strangers Filthy Knickers Rotten Punk Rocker Razor Attack
Willful Neglect Outta My Mind Willful Neglect
Vom God Save the Whales Live at Surf City
The Rotters Amputee Sit on my Face
Final Conflict Your Final Conflict EP
Negative FX Negative FX Government War Plans EP
Headcleaners Death Threat Disinfection EP
Infest Head First Slave LP
Cryptic Slaughter Necessity Supreme Life in the Grave Demo
Anti Climex I Skuggan Av Ett Krig Really Fast Vol. 1
Ernst and the Edsholm Rebels Doomsday Troops Really Fast Vol. 1
White Flag Question of Intelligence Code Blue

Dead Arm

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Punks in the garage, and in the basement. Tune in for classic punk, hardcore, and alternative mess. Featuring regular rotations of new finds and old favorites. I need my tonsils removed.
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