Dead Industry Radio on Tue 8/17/10

Special guests: Kyle and Perry. Grouped all of my songs by geographic area today. It got weird, kinda. This was probably the best selection of songs we will ever play because Tony wasn't here and didn't pick anything. Nerds.

Artist Title Album
Alkaline Trio Continental Good Mourning
The Lawrence Arms Are You There Margaret, It's Me God Oh Calcutta!
Screeching Weasel Guest List My Brain Hurts
Screaming Females Bell Power Move
Lifetime Can't Think About It Now Lifetime
The Ergs! Girls Of The Market Square Upstairs/Downstairs
The Low Budgets Need The Weed Live on WKDU 4/23/00
Dillinger Four Noble Stabbings!!! Situationist Comedy
The Hold Steady The Swish Almost Killed Me
The Replacements Alex Chilton Pleased To Meet Me
Propaghandi Fixed Frequencies Potemkin City Limits
The Flatliners Mother Teresa Chokeslams The World The Great Awake
Death From Above 1979 Too Much Love Heads Up
Bridge And Tunnel Night Owls East/West
Iron Chic Cutesy Monster Man Not Like This
Brand New The Shower Scene The Shower Scene
Kid Dynamite K05-0564 Kid Dynamite
Everyone Everywhere Raw Bar OBX 2002 Everyone Everywhere
Paint It Black Salem Amnesia
The Menzingers Home Outgrown Chamberlain Waits
Tigers Jaw I Was Never Your Boyfriend Tigers Jaw
Captain We're Sinking Swing Your Kami Sword It's A Trap
Against Me! You Look Like I Need A Drink As The Eternal Cowboy
Hot Water Music 220 Years Fuel For The Hate Game
Young Livers Finger To The Pulse Of Misery And Toil
Dead To Me Little Brother Little Brother
Rancid Leicester Square Life Won't Wait
Ceremony M.C.D.F Rohnert Park

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