The Frequency on Sun 8/29/10

Artist Title Album Label New
The North Sea Counting Down the Days Bloodlines
Endless Boogie Mighty Fine Pie Full Head House
Thunder and Roses White Lace and Strange King of the Black Sunrise
Silver Apples Ruby Contact
Comets on Fire The Antlers of the Midnight Sun Blue Cathedral
Purling Hiss Almost Washed My Hair Purling Hiss
Gnod and White Hills Well Hang Drop Out II
Fennesz/Daniell/Buck Diamond Mind Knoxville
Kemialliset Ystavat Maksaruohoja Ullakkopalo
James Blackshaw Part 4 All is Falling
Big Blood On a Sunday, Years After Already Gone I
The Shadow Ring I am a Lighthouse Lighthouse
V-3 Tetramagorica Evil Love Deeper
Slapp Happy The Drum Acnalbasac Noom
Fabulous Diamonds Track 4 II
Altar Eagle Honey Mechanical Gardens
A Place to Bury Strangers In Your Heart Exploding Head
Autolux Census Transit Transit
The Triffids I am a Lonesome Hobo Treeless Plain
Supercunk Digging for Something Digging for Something
Pavement In the Mouth a Desert Slanted and Enchanted
Guided by Voices Color of My Blade Motor Away 7"
The Young Bird in the Bush Voyagers of Legend
Sleater-Kinney Get Up The Hot Rock
Husker Du Chartered Trips Zen Arcade
Really Red White Lies Teaching You the Fear
Samhain All Hell Unholy Passion
Nu Sensae Total Drift TV, Death, and the Devil
Double Negative Voice Recognition Daydreamnation
Rodan Tooth Fairy Retribution Manifesto Rusty
Shudder to Think Gang of $ Pony Express Record
One Last Wish One Last Wish 1986

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Tune in every Sunday night from 20:00 to 22:00 for a variety of music spanning the decades: classic and modern psychedelia, shoegaze, indie rock, twee, post punk, garage, avant garde, industrial, folk, and punk.
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