Talk of the Town on Mon 8/30/10

Happy birthday, GG Allin!

Artist Title Album Label New
YDI I Killed My Family Get Off Our Backs, We're Doing It Ourselves
Rancid Vat Ballad of Brigham Young The West Coast Years
The Meatman Glad I'm Not a Girl We're the Meatman and You Suck
Anti-Nowhere League Let's Break the Law I Hate People 45
Wally Under the Influence of Super Hi-5 (Banned in W.C.) S/T
Meatjack Lost Trust
Karp We Ate Sand Self Titled LP
Colliseum Cloaked in Red House With A Curse
Turbonegro The Age of Pamparius Apocalypse Dudes
Murder City Devils Broken Glass S/T
Jesus Lizard Starlet + Breaking Up Is Hard to Do PURE
Killdozer Good Lovin' Gone Bad For Ladies Only
Boxcar Satan Dominance and Submission
Mose Giganticus White Horse Gift Horse
Hulk Smash Yeah Blood
Keelhaul Levaling Mechanism S/T
Reverb Motherfuckers Who Got the Crack Route 666
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Bellbottoms Dirty Shirt Rock n' Roll
Antiseen Pyscho Killer Pyscho Killer 45
Antiseen Fornication Fornication 45
Supersuckers Come Along for the Ride
Mudhoney Hate the Police Superfuzz Bigmuff
Sebadoh Vampire Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock
Rancid Vat Portrait of a Real American Hero (The Bruiser Brody Story) 31 Flavors of Hostility
Dead Moon Fire in the Western World Strange Pray Tell
The Wipers Youth of America Youth of America
Poison Idea Lifestyles Kings of Punk
The Boils Anthem for this Generation Anthem for this Generation
Violent Society Sarge's Last Stand Not Enjoyin' It
Black Flag Annihilate This Week Annihilate This Week
GG Allin Out For Blood, Outlaw Scumfuc, Don't Talk to Me Happy birthday, GG!
Poison 13 Can't Cry First You Dream
Guignol & Mischief Brew Off the Books Fight Dirty

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