Dead Arm on Tue 8/31/10


Artist Title Album
Violent Children The Smell Violent Children EP
Youth Brigade Violence Out of Print
Circle Jerks Deny Everything Group Sex
The Freeze Violent Arrest Guilty Face
The Ergs Throttle Boy Hind Sight is 20/20 My Friend
Reflex from Pain Hangover Black and White
Youth Korps Hang on Belushi '82
Agnostic Front Crucial Changes United Blood EP
Youth Brigade It's About TIme We Had a Change Possible EP
Child Abuse We Don't Want You Hanging Around Bring It EP
Cro-Mags Changes Alpha-Omega
The Dils Some Things Never Change Dils Dils Dils
Paint It Black Short Changed CVA
Skate Death Spare Change You Break It, You Buy It
Violent Apathy I Can't Take It Process of Elimination EP
R.A.M.B.O. Ian Mackaye is my Savior, Not Jesus Wall of the Death the System
Minor Threat Bottled Violence First 2 7"s
Wire It's So Obvious Pink Flag
Lärm Violence Sucks Extreme Noise
Look Back and Laugh Violent Coercion Look Back and Laugh
The Stains Violent Children SST
The State Girl Violence No Illusions EP
J.F.A. We Know You Suck We Know You Suck
Descedents Coffee Mug Everything Sucks
Teenage Depression Speed Punk Sucks Skank or Die EP
AK-47 The Badge Means You Suck The Badge Means You Suck
The Varukers Government's to Blame Bloodsuckers
Ill Repute I Won't Kill for You Land of No Toilets
Caustic Christ Bloodsucking Fiends Caustic Christ
Violent Children Culture Sucks Violent Children EP
Circle Jerks Beverly Hills Group Sex
The Scam Off Track Everything Ends in Rot
Chronic Sick Crotch Rot Chronic Sick EP
Ignite Straight Ahead Call on my Brothers
Negative FX Protester Government War Plans EP
ROTA No Fun Til I'm 21 Meathouse Comp
The Varukers Protest and Survive 1980-2005 Collection
D.R.I. Nursing Home Blues Dealing With It
Siege Conform Drop Dead
Lärm Non-Conformity Extreme Noise
Angry Samoans Different World Promo EP
J.F.A. Preppy We Know You Suck
Youth Brigade Barbed Wire Possible EP
Warfear Crossed Wires Dead, Unburied, Forgotten
Jerry's Kids Wired This is Boston, Not L.A.
Die Kreuzen Live Wire Code Blue
Wednesday Night Heroes Foreign Policy Let Them Know
Young Governor and Marvelous Mark Domination Let Them Know
Artificial Peace Wasteland Flex Your Head
Lifetime Anchor Hello Bastards
Ground Zero TV Land Living in Tandem EP
The Partisans 17 Years of Hell Best Of
Idol Threats Sick on England Barefoot & Pregnant Comp
Brats Zombie People 1980
Terminal Mind Zombieland Terminal Mind EP
Wire Different to Me Pink Flag
The Dickies Infidel Zombie Nights in White Satin
Ill Repute Bad Rep Land of No Toilets
The Misfits Astro Zombies Misfits
Disco Zombies Drums Over London Drums Over London
999 My Street Stinks Punk Singles 1977-1980

Dead Arm

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Punks in the garage, and in the basement. Tune in for classic punk, hardcore, and alternative mess. Featuring regular rotations of new finds and old favorites. I need my tonsils removed.
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