20 Minutes into the Future on Thu 9/2/10

'label' column contains time played

Artist Title Album Label New
Elsiane Vaporous (Shot In The Dark remix) 2105
Coburn We Interrupt This Program 2110
Boards Of Canada Julie And Candy 2118
The Soft Pink Truth Promofunk 2123
Polysics Baby Bias 2127
Arrakis Aira Force (Lemon8 remix) 2132
Blendbrank Synthetic Symphony 2142
The MFA Throw It Back (We Will Destroy You) 2148
Tom Neville Run In Reverse (Lake & Lys remix) 2151
Mr. Blink Gecko 2159
Plastic Inc. I Stand Alone (Cicada remix) 2204
Futurecop! Class Of 1984 (Anoraak remix) 2211
Bear In Heaven Fake Out (Brahms remix) Beast Rest Forth Mouth Remixes 2217
Chilly Gonzalez I Am Europe Ivory Tower 2221
Clubfeet Last Words Gold On Gold 2224
Solvent Formulate Subject To Shift 2228
Devo What We Do Something For Everybody 2233
Two Door Cinema Club Something Good Can Work (The Twelves remix) 2235
Xenia Beliayeva Ever Since 2239
Tegan and Sara Back Into Your Head (Morgan Page remix) 2244
Maxi Valvona Lost In Vagueness 2249
Underworld Scribble 2255
DJ Fresh Submarines 2301
Steve Roach The View From Here Sigh Of Angels 2308

20 Minutes into the Future

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In the future, there will be machines which will produce a religious experience in the user. 20 Minutes Into The Future can only be heard on WKDU Philadelphia. For more information, visit wkdu.org .

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