Bittersweet Agony on Sat 9/4/10

Artist Title Album New
Blackhole Scared to Change Dead Hearts
Gallows The Riverbed Grey Britain
War Pigs White Sheets Degeneration
Cave In Juggernaut Until The Heart Stops
Native Legoland Wrestling Moves
Drive Like Jehu New Intro Yank Crime
Fugazi Place Position End Hits
Dry Feet Long Live Dry Feet Philadelphia Beach
Frodus Out-Circuit the Ending And We Washed Our Weapons in the Sea
The Mercury Program Crusading Theme Confines of Heat
Maserati Wires Were Towers Confines of Heat
Caspian Malacoda Tertia
And So I Watch You From Afar I Capture Castles And So I Watch You From Afar
Disappearer Etched The Clearing
East of the Wall Unwanted Guest ii Farmers Almanac
The Black Keys She's Long Gone Brothers
Dax Riggs Say Goodnight to the World Say Goodnight to the World
Everest Keeping the Score On Approach
The Damnwells Star / Fool Bastards of the Beat
Heatmiser Temper Cop and Speeder

Bittersweet Agony

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Prog Rock, Sludge Metal, Instrumental, Experimental. Let's experience the beauty of musically-induced melancholy together. Tune in with Ebonie and expand your horizon.
Post Hardcore