The grand finale took us on a journey through space, time and Texas - here's hoping you enjoyed it. A fond farewell to you, Philadelphia! Keep that playoff PMA.

All the best,
- ss

Artist Title Album
Vangelis One More Kiss, Dear GRC
Imperial Pompadours Fu Manchu ENG
Caravelles Lovin' Just My Style AZ
Scratch Acid Mess TX
Debris' Tricia OK
Les Dogs 19 FRN
The Sound Barrier (My) Baby's Gone OH
Hawkwind Motorhead ENG
Liimanarina Turistit FIN
Revolutionaries Dunkirk JAM
The Buzz Life Ends ENG
The Birthday Party Swampland AU
Seeds Can't Seem To Make You Mine CA
The Business Out In The Cold ENG
Hairy Chapter You've Got To Follow This Masquerade GER
Hugh Masekela Blues For Huey SA
X-Certs Blue Movies ENG
It's All Meat Feel It CAN
Crisis Alienation ENG
Others I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye RI
Ramones Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World NY
Chrome You've Been Duplicated SF
The 49 Americans The Uncertainty Principle (x 3) ENG
Black Flag Wasted CA
Misfits Spinal Remains NJ
Skrewdriver Government Action ENG
The Craig I Must Be Mad ENG
Dicks No Nazi's Friend TX
Moondog Bird's Lament KS
Sods Tin Can People DEN
Can Das Millionenspiel GER
The Fall Rowche Rumble (Take 3) + Just Step S'ways ENG
Electro-Tones Ghost Train USA
Brogues Don't Shoot Me Down CA
Electro Motive Force Conscious IRE
Epilectics 1970's (Were Made In Hong Kong) ENG
Colin Potter Power ENG
Pretty Mustache In Your Face ???
The First Church Of Napoleon Solo Game Of Bagatelle ENG
The Last Resort Violence In Our Minds ENG
Rockin' Ramrods She Lied MA
Vitalienbr├╝der Roller Skateboard Chewinggum GER
Popol Vuh Sculptor Steiner #1 GER
Rivieras California Sun '65 IN
Betty McQuade Blue Train SCO


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