Dead Arm on Tue 9/21/10


Artist Title Album New
Offs I've Got the Handle Can You Hear Me? Music From the Deaf Club
Deadbeats Brainless Kill the Hippies EP
No Milk on Tuesday Killing Myself With Drugs Pressure Sensitive EP
The Alley Cats Too Much Junk Dangerhouse Vol. 2
Bad Brains Supertouch Rock for Light
Liberty Fuck Off You Junkie Bastards People Who Care Are Angry
Crucifucks Official Terrorism Crucifucks
Sluggo Put It Off Sluggo
Descendents Blast Off Cool to be You
Widows Wall of Berlin Balls N' Bollocks
Declino Rivolta E Negazione Declino
Youth Korps Need a Fix '82
Necros Youth Camp IQ32
D.R.I. Bail Out Dealing With It
Feederz Stay Free Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss?
The Stalin M-16 Fish Inn
The Vopos Crumbling Mountain The Vopos
The Proletariat Blind Soma Holiday
S.O.A. Gangfight I Was a Teenage Pencil Neck Geek EP
Gazoline Sally Sally
Lärm Junk Extreme Noise
Disgust Kremlin Crime The Last Bliss EP
Stimulators Blind Ambition Loud Fast Rules!
The Chemicals Play With Your Brains The Chemicals
Brats B-Brains 1980
The Gears Teenage Brain The Gears
Eater No Brains The Album
The Micronotz Brain Arrangement The Beast That Devoured Itself
Musical Suicide My Brain Hurts Little Fish in the Big Sea
Nuclear Assault Brainwashed Survive
Sons of Ishmael Vice On My Brain Apathy... Never!
White Flag Festive Shapes Code Blue
Ill Repute In Society/Who Cares? Oxnard - Land of No Toilets
Suicidal Tendencies Fascist Pig Suicidal Tendencies
Dicks Bourgeois Fascist Pig (Clean) The Dicks
White Cross Fascist Fascist EP
Charles Bronson Bike Pig On A Rope Complete Discocrappy
No Milk on Tuesday Polyester Pigs Pressure Sensitive EP
Killing Children Killing Children Certain Death EP
Wasted Youth Social Task 1 Demo
Wasted Youth Social Task 2 Demo
Short Dark Strangers The Whip Never Lies Rotten Punk Rocker Razor Attack
Pagan Babies Dirty Knees Last: An Anthology
Flag of Democracy Bad Things Home Lobotomy Kit
The Teen Idles Commie Song Flex Your Head
The Eat Communist Radio Communist Radio
Maggot Sandwich Communism Dead to my World
Vom No Surf Commies Mabuhay Gardens 2/24/78
Women Got No Brains Liv on WKDU
No Age Glitter Glitter
Short Dark Strangers Filthy Knickers Rotten Punk Rocker Razor Attack
No Age Inflorescence Glitter
Outo Junk A Farewell to Arms
Dead Boys Sonic Reducer No Thanks!

Dead Arm

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Punks in the garage, and in the basement. Tune in for classic punk, hardcore, and alternative mess. Featuring regular rotations of new finds and old favorites. I need my tonsils removed.
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