Usual Revolution and Then Some on Thu 9/23/10

Artist Title Album Label New
Les Savy Fav sleepless root for ruin French Kiss
Weezer Brave new World Hurley Epitaph
The Growlers Let it be Known Hot Tropics Everloving Inc.
Fluxus Voices Beat It Fluxus Volume III FLUXUS
Arcade Fire Suburban War The Suburbs Merge
Asian Kung Fu Generation Magic Disk Magic Disk Ki/oon
Buffalo Daughter Socks, Drugs and Rock n' Roll New Rock Grand Royal
Matt and Kim I'll take us home Grand Green Label Sound
Amiina Seoul Kurr Kitchen Motors
Avengers In Sci-fi Speed of Love Avenger Strikes Back Victor
Band of Horses Marry Song Cease to Begin Sub pop
Fantastic Plastic Machine Never Ever FPM Best Avex
Acidman ?????????? A Beautiful Greed Toshiba-EMI
Les Savy Fav Excess Energies Root For Ruin French Kiss
The Growlers Hot Tropics Nosebleed Sun Everloving Inc
Les Savy Fav Clear Spirits Root For RUin French Kiss
Alex A good day my vintage Romance Fluxus
Beirut Forks and Knives The Flying Club Cup Ba Da Bing
Boa and m-flo BUMP! BUMP! BUMP! BUMP! Avex
Epik High ft. Dynamic Duo Haner eh gae Muro bwa Map of the Human Soul Map the Soul
Interpol C'mere Antics Matador
Diego Bernal Bring it on Home For Corners Exponential Music
Modest Mouse Dashboard We Were Dead before the Ship even Sank Matador
The Clash London Calling The Clash CBS
Epik High I Remember (70's remix) High Society Map the Soul
Ent Pure River Solanin Ost Ki/oon

Elephant, Some Bread, You and Me

La Rabia
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