Backpack on Wed 9/29/10

Artist Title Album New
Bee Vs Moth Mexican Noise Soda Acronyms
Battles Race: Out Mirrored
Rooftops Raft Easily A Forest of Polarity
Mischief Brew Citizens Drive Smash The Windows
Kurt Vile Slow Talkers Constant Hitmaker
Streetlight Manifesto They Provide the Paint for the Picture-Perfect Masterpiece That You Will Paint On the Insides of Your Eyelids 99 Songs of Revolution
Pretendo 06/06/06 ][
Waxeater Give It A Name Sleeper
My Heart To Joy At The Same Tone Can You Feel It Captain Compost?! Heavenly Bodies
Social Circkle USSA Static Eyes
Nation of Ulysses Target USA 13-Point Program to Destroy America
Drive Like Jehu Bullet Train to Vegas Yank Crime
Libertines Up The Bracket Up The Bracket
Screaming Females Normal Castle Talk
Two Tongues Alice Two Tongues
Piebald Karate Chops For Everyone But Us We Are The Only Friends That We Have
Shook Ones Virginia Beach Vanity Plate Facetious Folly Feat
Sparta Assemble The Empire Wiretap Scars
Division of Laura Lee Breathe Breathe Das Not Compute
Land of Talk Swift Coin Cloak and Cipher
Aloha Moonless March Home Acres
Rx Bandits Pal-Treaux The Resignation
Scholastic Deth On the Road of Life.../Unhindered Capitalism Final Examiner
D.R.I. Money Stinks Dirty Rotten
Faction Skate & Destroy Collection
Black Flag Drinking and Driving In My Head
Fucked Up Heir Apparent Couple Tracks
Russian Circles Geneva Geneva
The Sword Arrows In The Dark Warp Riders
Fu Manchu Strolling Astronomer The Action is GO!
Days Away Mirrors Mapping An Invisible World
The Appleseed Cast Santa Maria Mare Vitalis
Thursday Resuscitation of a Dead Man Common Existance
Descendents Coffee Mug Everything Sucks
Descendents Thank You Everything Sucks


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