Grease Ball Radio on Thu 9/30/10

Artist Title Album
Acoustic Ugly Boys Leaving no Trace
Blue Balls Deluxe A Love Story
Furry lewis Creepers Blues
Shockabilly Psychotic Reaction
Demented are GO Country Woman
Blood Bill After Dark
Dragstip Riot Hellbound and happy
High Noon Kiss and Tell
Eyeballin Torpedoes Ghost town radio
Ellis and the Angry Teens Move Over Baby
The Hi-Strung Ramblers Rock My Baby
Dicemen She's Hot But She's Tuff
Eva Eastwood Hot Chicks and Cool Cats
The Brains Scream For Me
Shark Soup Fighting 59
The Cramps Sheenas in a Goth Gang
Scary BOOM Crocodile Hunting
undefined Full Moon Hop
Full Moon Freaks Liberty
Gintown Boozers Stop Twisting My Arm
Juke Joint Gamblers Lady Luck
Penny Candy Rockin Lady
Green Kryptonite Snaggle tooth Anne
Dick Brave and the Backbeats Teenage Love
JGrave Diggers Naked Women
Taildragers Loving You
Hi Voltage I would Love To Love You
Gein and the Graverobbers Creepshow
Bang Bang Bazooka Evil Women
Speedbuggy USA All Tore Up
Ghoultown Death of Jonah Hex
DK Rawhide
Gravedigger Dead Women
Laura Lee Perkins Kiss Me Baby
Speed Devils Graveyard Stomp
Hillbilly Headhunters Funnel Love
Red Demon I've Got To Go
Hillbilly Headhunters Funnel Of Love
Red Demon Ive Got To Go
Gore Gore Girls Cattle Call
Sparky and the Deadbillies Death Rides a Horse
Hola Ghost Night of the Vampire
Dolly Cooper Big Rock Inn
Dead Beats Fall in Love Tonight
Kidd Pharaoh Modern romance

Philadelphia Late Night

El Rey
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Join El Rey and Lilly for an entertaining, educational and scientific program that looks at sex in culture. Tune in for current events, Q&A, fetishes, history, and a sexy slew of topics interspersed with only the best Rock n' Roll! Join the show for musical guests, industry professionals, and a varied cast of characters. Come get down, dirty and learn something new with WKDU's sexiest show!
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