Open air on Thu 5/7/09


Artist Title Album
Addiction Violence
Spitfire Boys Funtime
The Sensation Black Eyed Woman
Twizlers We Are The Twizlers + Motorbike
Filmstars Love's Not
Ballplayers Universal Language
Shelby (Dance With The) Guitar Man
Weirdos Rhythm Syndrome
Visitors Moth
Five Blobs The Blob
The Elite Your Computer
Chromosomes Rot All Rulers
Tax Exiles (I Don't Believe In) Miracles
Iron Virgin Rebels Rule
The Manchester Mekon No Forgetting
Pack Terrorist*
Diagram Brothers There Is No Shower
Dukes Of Stratosphear Bike Ride To The Moon
Moby Grape Omaha
Digital Dinosaurs Baby Snakes
Article 58 Idol
The Event Group Concussion
Skrewdriver Unbeliever
Tornados Telstar
Hector Wired Up
Black Flag Loose Nut
Funhouse Teenage Bedrooms
Scrotum Poles Put An End To It All
Cats Eyes Guilt
Jimmy Jukebox Motorboat
Barry Blood Poor Annie
Dead Kennedys Funland At The Beach

Open air

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