Grease Ball Radio on Tue 10/5/10

Artist Title Album
Dicemen Hellride
Psychoterror Too Laul
Heywire Deluxe Who's Gonna Save Me
The Helldrivers True Blue lover
Bell Furies Teenage Boogie
Atomic Creeps Twisted Paradise
Andy Martin and The Jet Black Machine Alter Ego
Hellsonics Demon Queen
The Farm Creepers
Dorothy Collins Rock Me My Babe
Crossfire Southern Belle
Amazing Royal Crowns Greasy
Deadbillys Walking on her Grave
Scared Stiff My Babe
The Hel-gators I Came Too Late
Phantom Rockers Jailbreak
Bloodshot Bill Bam Bam
Vampire Beach Babes Creepy Baby
Ralph Rebel Crispy Chicken
Roberts Cafe Racers Honey Dont
Los Feyos Story Of My life
Rusti Steel and the Tin Tanx Heartbreaking Love
Sinshifters Real Evil
The Brains Scream For Me
The Brains Blood
Sixgun Republic Git Yer Guns
Stellar Corpses Stalking After Midnight
Skreppers Highway Overhead
Roadracers This is what I Drink
Creepers Whats Wrong
King Sickabilly No Devils Child
Speed Crazy Chicken Fried Valentine
Swingin Demons Demons in My Drink
Empress of Fur Batcave
Atomic Spuds Devil Dance
8-Ball Grifters Jacknife
Ghastly Ones Full Throttle
Ghoultown RotoRiculous
Godless Wicked Creeps Crazy Hormones
Mark Rodill Wolfman

Philadelphia Late Night

El Rey
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Join El Rey and Lilly for an entertaining, educational and scientific program that looks at sex in culture. Tune in for current events, Q&A, fetishes, history, and a sexy slew of topics interspersed with only the best Rock n' Roll! Join the show for musical guests, industry professionals, and a varied cast of characters. Come get down, dirty and learn something new with WKDU's sexiest show!
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