Dead Industry Radio on Tue 10/19/10

We came in mad early today. Pat0 playing non Fest stuff early, then Tony came and we did all Fest stuff for 3 hours. Also we had to play New Music, none of which is coming to fest. We all had a wonderful time.

Artist Title Album New
Ceremony Sick Rohernt Park
Angry Serfs Pigs Is Pigs Living In the 00s
Bouncing Souls Kids And Heroes Anchors Away
Tigers Jaw I Was Never Your Boyfriend Tigers Jaw
The Loved Ones Chicken The Loved Ones
Bear Vs. Shark Ma Jolie Right Now Your In The Best Of Hands
The Replacements Left Of The Dial Tim
Band Name The Noids Breakfast
Dillinger Four New Punk Fashions For The Spring Formal Situationist Comedy
Lucero San Francisco Rebels Rouges And Sworn Brothers
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes On The Road Again Love Their Country
The Bouncing Souls Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight Violent World
Misfits American Nightmare Collection II
The Measure Hello Bastards Songs About People...And Fruit And Shit
Cheap Girls Kerosene Germs Of Perfections: A Tribute To Bad Religion
Bridge And Tunnel Dear Sir East/West
Shooks Ones Birds On Ice The Unquotable AMH
Broadway Calls Back To Oregon Broadway Calls
Comadre (feat. Broadway Calls) King Jeremy Mixtape #4
Fugazi Life and Limb The Argument
Paint It Black Bliss Amnesia
Iron Chic Timecop Not Like This
The Flatliners Fred's Got Slacks Destroy To Create
Suicide Machines High Society Battle Hymns
Dead To Me California Sun African Elephants
Comadre (feat Dead To Me) Goodnight Sweet Prince Mixtapes #4
Lemuria Ozzy Ozzy
The Riot Before The Middle Distance Rebellion
Static Radio Marc An Evening Of Bad Decisions
Belle And Sebastian Come On Sister Write About Love
Interpol Lights Interpol
Dearhunter Don't Cry Halcyon Digest
Glocca Morra Bedford Avenue /Greek Favourites split
The Great Explainer Quotas The Way Things Swell
Timeshares Everyday Doops Timeshares
Mayflower SAD Song Second Best Sunsets
The Menzingers Mea Cupa Cabbra I Was Born EP
One Win Choice Frame Your Favorite Pictures Convayer
Captain We're Sinking It's A Trap It's A Trap
Algernon Cadwallader Some Kind Of Cadwallader Some Kind of Cadwallader
The Menzingers Tasker Morris Station Chamberlin Waits
Copyrights Flooded Basements, Abondoned Beaches /Methadones Split
Teenage Bottlerocket Pacemaker Warning Device
Noise By Numbers 17 on the Wayside Yeah, Whatever
Deerhunter Helicopter Halcyon Digest
Interpol Safe Without Interpol
Torche Grenades Meanderthal
A Wilhelm Scream The Rip Mute Print
Strike Anywhere Refusal Change Is A Sound

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