Backpack on Wed 10/20/10

repeating lateness.

Artist Title Album New
Aloha Mountain Some Echoes
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin In Pairs Let It Sway
Land of Talk Cloak and Cipher Cloak and Cipher
Slutever So Prone Sorry I'm Not Sorry
Akron/family The Rider(Dolphin Song) Meek Warrior
This Town Needs Guns Gibbon Animals
Jet Set Sail Magnet Mtn Magnet Mountain
The Appleseed Cast Mountain Halo Peregrine
Orgone Summer Beat/Counting on You Killion Vaults
The Octopus Project Fuguefat Hexadecagon
Hot Snakes XOX Suicide Invoice
Waxeater Warmliness is a Happy Gun Sleeper
Git Some Always The Hard Way Loose Control
Rx Bandits Tainted Wheat ...And The Battle Begun
Great Lakes Ghost Brother Ways of Escape
Sleepy Sun Wild Machines Fever
Japandroids Art Czars Art Czars


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