The Music of Sound on Thu 10/21/10

cool show time

Artist Title Album New
Le Butcherettes Henry Don't Got Love
Las Robertas Back to the End
Frankie Rose And The Outs That's What People Told Me Frankie Rose And The Outs
P.S. Eliot Like How You Are
Jemina Pearl (Ft. Iggy Pop) I Hate People Break It Up
Spiderbait Calypso Ivy & the Big Apples
Los Campesinos! It Started With a Mixx Sticking Fingers Into Sockets
The Wombats Moving To New York A Guide To Love, Loss, & Desperation
Tilly And The Wall Fell Down The Stairs Wild Like Children
Rilo Kiley After Hours Rilo Rarities
Dangerous Ponies You Are Dangerous Dangerous Ponies
Superchunk Learned to Surf Majesty Shredding
Smile Smile Sleepwalking Truth On Tape
Margot & The Nuclear So and So's New York City Hotel Blues
Jeff The Brotherhood Bone Jam Heavy Days
Screaming Females I Don't Mind It Castle Talk
Hurricane Bells The Waiting Song
The Heligoats Fish Sticks Goodness Gracious
Hey Marseilles Cigarettes To Travel & Trunks
Growlers Something Someone Jr.
Hellogoodbye When We First Met Daytrotter
Midi & the Modern Dance A Door By The Pond Twilight, How Sweet You Are
Someone Still Loves You Boris Sink/Let It Sway
Jon Foreman The Moon Is A Magnet Fall & Winter: Fall
Let's Wrestle We Are The Men You'll Grow To Love Soon In the Court of the Wrestling Let's
Arrah and the Ferns Apple for Evan Evan Is A Vegan
The Zombies Is This The Dream
The Bears Of Blue River Betty HomeMaker The Killer Bee Scare
Faded Paper Figures One More Crash New Medium
Dewey Decibel Ice Farmer The Dusting
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Mr. Magazine Man Moroni
Efterklang Raincoats Magic Chairs
Hop Along, Queen Ansleis Bruno Is Orange Freshman Year
Sigur Ros Inni Mer Syngur Vitleysingur

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There're jokes, there's music, there's even ticket giveaways. Everything from the noodly to the electronic. But if you're especially fond of the glockenspiel then this my friend is the show for you. A mix of old and new, happy, blue, southern, northern, eastern, western, oh, and local.