Dead Industry Radio on Tue 10/26/10

Did you guys ever see that Simpsons episode where Homer makes the Flaming Homer, but then Moe steals it and makes the Flaming Moe? Yeah, that was a good one.

Artist Title Album New
Against Me! Mediocrity Gets You Pears Searching For A Former Clarity
Ceremony Back In '84 Rohnert Park
Dillinger Four Thanks For Nothing Part Two The Revenge Split with Pinhead Gunpowder
Alkaline Trio Continental Good Mourning
The Hold Steady Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night Seperation Suday
The Ergs! Bike Shoppe Upstairs/Downstairs
The Gaslight Anthem I Coul'da Been A Contender Sink Or Swim
Kudrow Blink-182 Reunion Lando
Screaming Females Laura And Marty Castle Talk
Deerhunter Basement Scene Halcyon Digest
Belle And Sebastian The Ghost Of Rockschool Write About Love
The Replacements I WIll Dare Let It Be
Lucero Anjalee Nobody's Darlings
LaGrecia According To My Notes On Parallels
Bandname The Noids Breakfast
The Greek Favourtes 11,11,11 Grounded
Spraynard Just Like Mexico Split w/ Captain We're Sinking!
Tigers Jaw Jet Alone Split w/ Balance And Composure
Everyone Everywhere Cool Pool Keg Toss Pete A Lot Of Weird People Standing Around
Kite Party Indiana Pete Wish Mountain
The Loved Ones Chicken The Loved Ones
Hot Water Music Trusty Chords Caution
The Lawrence Arms Lose Your Illusion 1 Oh Calcutta!
The World/Inferno Friendship Society Zen And The Art Of Breaking Everything In The Room Just The Best Party
Bad Religion The Devil In Stiches The Dissident Of Man
Interpol Lights Interpol
Street Dogs Rattle And Roll Street Dogs
Dillinger Four Gainesville CIVILWAR
Screeching Weasel Guest List My Brain Hurts
Propaghandi Fedallah's Hearse Potemkin City Limits

Noodle Dudes

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