Can't Paint Radio on Fri 10/29/10

Artist Title Album New
Daniel Johnston Casper The Friendly Ghost Yip/Jump Music
Butthole Surfers American Woman Rembrandt Pussyhorse
Thick Plastic Spooky Holloween
B-52's Hero Worship B-52's
Owen Pallett Honour The Dead, Or Else A Swedish Love Story EP
Sleep Dragonaut Sleep's Holy Mountain
Tom Waits Lucinda/Ain't Goin' Down To The Well Glitter And Doom Live
Sufjan Stevens Futile Devices The Age of Adz
Sufjan Stevens Too Much The Age of Adz
Salem King Night King Night
The Flaming Lips They Punctured My Yolk Clouds Taste Metallic
Sonic Youth The Bedroom Dirty Boots EP
Lightning Bolt Assassins Wonderful Rainbow
Tracy Jordan Werewolf Bar Mitzvah
Spacemen 3 Suicide Performance
Suicide Romeo Modern Romance Des Jeunes Gens Modernes
Wildbirds And Peacedrums Tiny Holes In This World Rivers
Gypsy Death & You Capital Jump E.P. No. 1
Menomena Dirty Cartoons Mines
Godspeed You! Black Emperor East Hastings F# A# (Infinity)

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