Bittersweet Agony on Sat 10/30/10

Artist Title Album New
Sadgiqacea Carpe Noctem Submerged In Manichea
Iron Thrones Like A Moth To Flame The Wretched Sun
Haste the Day The Place Where Most Deny Attack of the Wolf King
Zoroaster D.N.R Matador
Native Alpacastan We Delete; Erase
Sometimenever Narcissus Father Hope
Refused Summerholidays Vs. Punkroutine The Shape of Punk to Come
Frontier(s) Young Lives There Will Be No Miracles
Gallows Black Eyes Grey Britain
Sometimenever 25 Knives Father Hope
Narrows Chambered New Distances
Boots With Spurs Heavyweights The Sun Never Sets On Andy Griffith Pt. 1 & These Boots Were Made For Moonwalking
Ladder Devils Divorcee Drugs Forget English
Coalese In My Wake, For My Own Ox
Frodus The Misaligned Men of Flomaton Conglomerate International
Touché Amoré Honest Sleep the Beat of a Dead Horse
The Plot to Blow Up The Eiffer Tower Attached to the Hip Dissertation, Honey
Marmaduke Duke The Beaver and The Rabbit The Magnificent Duke
Converge Damages Axe To Fall
Come Sleep To Unveil The Sky The Burden of Ballast
Zozobra Kill and Crush
Rosetta Revolve

Bittersweet Agony

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Saturday 12-3pm
Prog Rock, Sludge Metal, Instrumental, Experimental. Let's experience the beauty of musically-induced melancholy together. Tune in with Ebonie and expand your horizon.
Post Hardcore