Dissociative Identity on Sat 10/30/10

Another Dissociative Identity with C_Dilla. Algernon, Cave, Don Caballero, BATS, you get the idea. Tune in next Sat for more.

Artist Title Album New
Interpol Success Interpol
Black Tambourine Black Car Black Tambourine
Algernon Cadwallader Serial Killer Status Some Kind of Cadwallader
And So I Watched You From Afar Clench Fists, Grit Teeth...Go! And So I Watch You From Afar
Smith Westerns Boys Are Fine Smith Westerns
Marnie Stern Gimme Marnie Stern
bygones Fool Evolved by-
Wire Men 2nd Chairs Missing
BATS BATS Spelled Backwards is STAB Red in Tooth & Claw
Cave Requiem for John Sex Psychic Psummer
From Monument To Masses A Sixth Trumpet On Little Known Frequencies
Deerhunter Desire Lines Halcyon Digest
Tristeza Memphis Emphasis Spine & Sensory
Cats and Cats and Cats This Brilliant Sky Victorialand
OXES Kaz Hayashi '01 OXXXES
Small Black Goons New Chain
Women China Steps Public Strain
Turning Machine On Form & Growth A New Machine for Living
The Intelligence Estate Sales Males
Empire! Empire! Everything Is Connected And Everything Matters (A Temporary Solution To A Permanent Problem) What It Takes To Move Forward
Medications We Could Be Others Completely Removed
Loose Lips Sink Ships Meth is Fun Puptent
Don Caballero Let's Face It Pal, You Didn't Need That Eye Surgery American Don
Do Make Say Think Soul and Onward And Yet And Yet
Tim Kasher Cold Love Monogamy
You Slut! On-The-Spot Tina Turner Fine Critical Meat
The Six Part Seven Night Behind The Stars Casually Smashed to Bits
Tortoise It's All Around You It's All Around You
The Yolks Rambling The Yolks
The Fresh & Onlys Red Light Green Light Play it Strange

Dissociative Identity

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If your high school band was a clone of Cap'n Jazz and the only movie soundtrack you own is Friday Night Lights, Dissociative Identity is for you. Tune in for all that is math, lo-fi, garage, indie rock, and post-hardcore, with Dissociative Identity on WKDU Philadelphia, 91.7 fm.
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