Full End on Wed 11/3/10

Hiccups End Loose Lumps Always

Artist Title Album New
Hella Black Metal Blues/Black Mold: Movement 6 Church Gone Wild
Zach Hill House Of Hits Face Tat
Lightning Bolt Assassins Wonderful Rainbow
These Arms Are Snakes Mescaline Eyes Easter
Don Caballero celestial dusty groove punkgasm
Descendents Hope Milo Goes To College
Lagwagon Kids Don't Like To Share Hoss
Rancid Hyena Rancid
NOFX Eat The Meek (Dub Mix) Counting Sheep
Lagwagon Name Dropping Hoss
Les Savy Fav What Wolves Would Do Lets Stay Friends
Marnie Stern Her Confidence Marnie Stern
Zach Hill Dizzy From The Twins Face Tat
Nervous Cop Ill Pearls Nervous Cop
Deerhoof Dummy Discards A Heart Apple O'
Zach Hill Second Life Face Tat
McLusky Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues McLuskyism

Full End

Jarret Nathan
This program is not on the schedule.
Wednesday 4-5pm
Wednesday 2-3pm
Hella and Goodies on Full End Radio.

Full end, Full end, Full end.
The equipped will fall with a matter of fact
The unprepared will flourish over the cast of the hum.
He took his things out to the bin and left them there to sit. "These things should sit."
The bin could be called Evolved at the end of the stone walk.
He walked back up the stone walk. Over the cobble.
to the next bin sitting down by the mailbox under the tree.
"What are you putting in the bin today?", the bin said.
"I am putting the whole past in the bin."

He walked with his past in hand, hand in pocket.
The last bin was side by side with a small bush. He tossed the past in the last bin but the pocket came with it.
"I’ve lost a pocket."

Full end.