Dead Industry Radio on Tue 11/16/10

C'mon Bobby, let's leave this jackass festival.

Artist Title Album New
The Hold Steady Chips Ahoy Boys And Girls In America
Bridge and Tunnel The Staples Indoor Voices
The Ergs! Pool Pass The Ben Kweller EP
The Mr T Experience Book Of Revelations Milk, Milk, Lemonade
The Queers Don't Mess It Up Punk Rock Confidential
Screeching Weasel I Will Always Do Teen Punks In Heat
Against Me! Mediocrity Get You Pears (The Shaker) Searching For A Former Clarity
Joe McMahon Delawhere Wasted Potential
Grown Ups Suprise Party More Songs
Anti Flag Spaz's House Destruction Party Underground Network
SHook Ones Equal Opportunity Insults Unquotable AMH
30 Foot Fall Dated Doppler Effect
Dear Landlord Lake Ontario Dream Homes
Tigers Jaw Smile undefined
The Menzingers Keychain A Lesson In The Abuse of Album Titles
The Greek Favourites My Pet Lobster Grounded
Dangerous Ponies That Dr Ponie Medicine Show
Risus Sardonicus I Don't Do Drugs, I Am Drugs Demo '10
Bandname Not Labled Live at WKDU
The Holy Mess Not Labled Live at WKDU
Lavis Blake Era Of Hopeful Monsters In Tandem
Omar Jumping Jacks I'm Not Mad, I'm Just Mad That Your Mad
Angry Serfs Screen Stars Livin In The 00s
The Riot Before Not Labled Live At WKDU
Bomb The Music Industry! Unlimited Soup Salad And Breadsticks Days Get Warmer
The Sidekicks Looking Weight Of Air
Dead To Me Special Professional Cuban Ballerina
Enemy You Awake Where No One Knows My Name
The Riverdales I Won't Forget You The Riverdales
The Teen Idols West End Road Full Leather Jacket
The Misfits Return Of The Fly Static Age

Noodle Dudes

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