Backpack on Wed 11/17/10

Artist Title Album New
Northless Temples of The Weak Inkblot vol. 2
Glowsun No Way The Sundering
Baroness Wanderlust Red Album
HjerteStop church of the living dead music for dekandente orer
Slutever No Offense Sorry I'm Not Sorry
Land of Talk Goaltime Exposure Cloak and Cipher
Kurt Vile In My Time In My Time 7"
Aficionado Do Nothing, Be Nothing When It Comes to Creation
Streetlight Manifesto Here's To Life Everything Goes Numb
Radio Flyer Salty Lollipop In Their Strange White Armor
Paris, Texas In The Back Polyvinyl CD Single Series
Aloha Cold Storage Home Acres
Suuns Gaze Zeroes QC
Akron/family Blessing Force Meek Warrior
Minibosses Metroid Brass
Minibosses Megaman 2 Brass
Sleepy Sun Lord Embrace
Rooftops Era Falsity A Forest of Polarity


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