Dysnoise on Wed 11/24/10

Artist Title Album New
Discharge Protest and Survive Hear nothing see nothing say nothing
Nausea Johnny got his gun extinction
Pissed Jeans I'm Sick Shallow
Jenny Piccolo Liberty Machine Information Battle to denounce the genocide
Extortion Overwhelmed Degenerate
Choke Hold Deaf to reason Prison of Hope
JFA Preppy We Know You Suck
Hellnation Cop Rock Split
Strife Stand as One In this defiance
Screaming Females Normal Castle Talk
Floor Iron Girl Floor
Abserdo Cheese Video Games Ba Raising a pervert
Rudimentary Peni Flesh Crucifix Death Church
Dag Nasty Simple Minds Wig out at dencos
Youth of Today No More we're not in this alone
Flux of Pink Indians Sick Butchers Neu Smell
Dropdead Bullshit Tradition Discography
Gorilla Biscuits Cats and Dogs Start Today
Earth Crisis Fire Storm Firestorm
Descendents I don't want to grow up I don't want to grow up
Rubella Ballet Ballet Dance Ballet Dance E.P.
Despise You My west side horizon West Side Horizon
Hatred Surge Dark Circles Deconstruct
Bikini Kill Double Dare Ya The CD Version of the first two albums
RVIVR Breathe Out LP
Crass Bata Motel Penis Envy
Deathrats Self Obsessed 7"
Bad Religion Meeting of the minds The dissent of man
Sore Throat straights Unhindered by talent
Resistant Culture Forced conformity Welcome To Reality
Discordance Axis Castration Rite The Inalienable Dreamless
Napalm Death Lucid Fairytale From enslavement to obliteration
Terrorizor Fear Of Napalm World Downfall
Nasum Disdain and contempt Inhale/exhale
RKL Think Positive Keep Laughing
Woe Without Logic Quietly, Undramatically
Chainsaw to the face swallow your tongue Chainsaw to the face/backslider split
Chainsaw to the face Attrition Chainsaw to the face/backslider split
Weekend Nachos Disrespect your elders Punish and destroy
Weekend Nachos Career homicide Punish and destroy
Weekend Nachos drinking contest Punish and destroy
Charles bronson Ants in the Kool aid Unanswered split
Ceremony Throwing Bricks Violence Violence
F Minus Forced Identity Baby Jesus Sliced up in the manger
Crack Rock Steady 7 Nobody is Free Baby Jesus Sliced up in the manger
Haymaker waxed curbs self-titled
Triac means of ethical purity karma payment plan split
Ruined Proof Fiatlux
Crass If there was no government Yes Sir, I will
Seasick Fallacies Imago/Gestalt
Void Who are you? Void/Faith Split
Betty White Middle Man Nosebleed
The Accused The bag lady song Martha splatter head's maddest stories ever
Jerry's Kids Crucify Me Is This my world?
Minor Threat Stand Up Discography
Nation of ulysses Look out! Soul is Black 13 point program to destroy america
Page ninety nine In Love with an apparition Discography
Crass Our Wedding Penis Envy


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punx, metalheads, grinders, thrashers, moshers, crusties, losers, weirdos, squares, posers and late night drunk drivers. I want you all here Spike don't play with girls... This is dysnoise