Dead Arm on Sun 11/28/10

everybody's gone

Artist Title Album New
The Beakers Football Season is in Full Swing Red Towel/Football Season
The Panics Test Test Test Test
The Varukers No Education The Varukers
The Asteroids Life on a Asteroid The Asteroids
A-Gen-53 Stalingrad Gunilla #1
The Faders Cheatin' Cheatin'/Library Book
Peer Group I Saw That Movie Chunks
The Urinals Ack Ack Ack Ack Negative Capability
The Screamers Peer Pressure Demos
The Prefects Things in General Going Through The Motions/Things in General
Breeders Future Amnesia Zen Punk EP
The Flesh Eaters Version Nation Tooth and Nail
Fuck-Ups Get Out FU82 EP
D.B.F. Narrow-Minded Not Bound to Rules
Plastix Konsumier Mich Gunilla #1
Bakrus Nettan Nettan/Lamrock
Ebba Gron Hang Gud E.Gron
Civilised Society Blotting Paper for Breakfast Scrap Metal
Code of Honor Education Beware
Five O Market Five O
SS-20 H-Bomb Thunderstorm The Wealth of Nations
Jerry's Kids Build Me a Bomb Is This My World?
Nyx Negativ Bomben Cassette
Headcleaners Kill the Royalties Disinfection EP
The Fix Signals in Distress Jan's Room
YDI Enemy For Life Get Off My Back
Autistic Behavior TV Messiah Get Off My Back
Blunder Boys Conspiracy Get Off My Back
FOD Murder Castle Get Off My Back
McRad Ejected Get Off My Back
Capital Scum Slit My Wrists Tsjerno Kills
The Controllers Another Day Tooth and Nail
The Dils I Hate the Rich The Dils
Neo Boys Rich Man's Dream Neo Boys
Good Samaritans Dotted Line
Fault 151 Radiation Man
Anorexia I'm A Square
Fluid I Hate The News
Hüsker Dü Target Barefoot & Pregnant
Idol Threats The Reason Why Barefoot & Pregnant
Red Meat Self/Work Bull Barefoot & Pregnant
Purling Hiss Passenger Queen Hissteria
Clockcleaner Something's On Her Mind Auf Wiedersehen
The Demon's Claws Laser Beams The Defrosting Of
Purling Hiss Down on the Delaware River Hissteria

Dead Arm

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Punks in the garage, and in the basement. Tune in for classic punk, hardcore, and alternative mess. Featuring regular rotations of new finds and old favorites. I need my tonsils removed.
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