Dead Industry Radio on Tue 11/30/10

Roast Beef is a wonderful deli meat.

Artist Title Album New
Kudrow Commutilation! Lando 7"
Lucero California Nobody's Darlings
Iron Chic The World's Greatest Detective Shitty Rambo 7"
The Weakerthans Manifest Reconstruction Site
The Get Up kids Red Letter Day Something To Write Home About
Bad Astronaut Acrophobe Houston, We Have A Drinking Problem
Dead To Me X African Elephants
Ost Kjex Cajun Lunch Cajun Lunch
Lifetime The Verona Kings Jersey's Best Dancers
The Measure SA Cynical At Best Notes
Lemuria Chautaqua County Chautaqua County 7"
The Riot Before Not Labeled Live On WKDU
The Queers I Can't Get Over You Don't Back Down
The Teen Idols 20 Below Pucker Up
Screeching Weasel Every Night Anthem For A New Tomorrow
One Win Choice Failure To Quit Define/Redefine
The Drug War Filling The Voids Crim
The Menzingers Rivalries Chamberlain Waits
A Social State I WIsh You Well Tare
Luther This Is Like Fight Club In Thru The Nose, Out Thru The Mouth
What Happened? Hey Man, Good Job Not Fine, But Adequate
The Holy Mess Not Labeled Live On WKDU
US Funk Team Not Labeled Live On WKDU
The Sidekicks Bryant Greg (Gets Nervous) Sam 7"
The Ergs! Ben Kweller Ben Kweller 12"
NoFX Franco Un-American The War On Errorism
Saves The Day Rocks Tonic Juice Magic Through Being Cool
Teenage Bottlerocket Gave You My Heart Warning Device
The Vindictives Circles Many Mood Of..
Mr T Experience Sorry For Freaking Out On The Phone Last Night Yesterday Rules
Smoke Or Fire Sleepwalking The Speakeasy
Bomb The Music Industry! The First Time I Met Sanawon Adults!!!!
Hot Water Music I Was On A Mountain Caution

Noodle Dudes

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