Backpack on Wed 12/1/10

Artist Title Album New
Univox Pi Lying Fuck 7"
Audible Five Pirates Sky Signal
Grandchildren Winterlude Everlasting
Tame Impala Desire Be Desire Go Innerspeaker
Tame Impala Alter Ego Innerspeaker
Don Caballero The Peter Criss Jazz American Don
Dead To Me California Sun African Elephants
Kurt Vile Take Your Time He's Alright 7"
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin I Am Warm + Powerful Broom
Warpaint Warpaint The Fool
Lanterna Brightness HIghways
Fairweather Still Paradise Alaska
War Pigs White Sheets Degeneration
Baroness Isak Red Album
Doomriders Mercy Darkness Comes Alive
Suuns Armed For Peace Zeroes QC
Bandits of The Acoustic Revolution Here's To Life A Call To Arms
Aficionado When It Comes To Creation When It Comes To Creation
The Sword Nightcity Warp Riders
ASG Gallop Song Win Us Over
Lake Placid 1986 The Ivory Coast Clouds
Bones Brigade Pave The World Older Than Shit, Heavier Than Time
Refused Refused Party Program The Shape of Punk to Come
Melvins (Untitled) Hostile Ambient Takeover


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