Talk of the Town on Mon 12/6/10

and more Boom

Artist Title Album Label New
Low Budgets Declined Go For Broke
Minutemen More Spiel Project: Mersh
Reading Rainbow Underground Prism Eyes
Gang of Four To Hell With Poverty Another Day/Another Dollar EP
Bad News Bats WTM S/T
Men's Recovery Project Naked Sailor + Sexual Pervert Grappling with The Hominids
Skabs Grand Entrance Split with Anal Sausage
Anal Sausage Five Children I Hate Split with Skabs
Northern Liberties Monument Secret Revolution
The Cravats Rub Me Out Rub Me Out 45
Joe Christ and the Healing Faith Wonderful Life Wonderful Life 45
Los Reactors Dead in the Suburbs S/T
Murder City Devils Boom Swagger Boom S/T
Mudhoney Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More Superfuzz Bigmuff
Brown Whornet Valamaranaro Valamaranaro
Clockcleaner Something's on Her Mind Auf-Wiedersehen
Gaye Bykers on Acid After Suck There's Blow Drill Your Own Hole
Boxcar Satan Hatchet for a Honeymoon Days Before the Flood
Gorch Fock Monsantra S/T
Shellshag Bill Badgley, Please Don't Let Me Fade Away Destroy Me I'm Yours
50 Million Bug + Valentino S/T 7"
Home Blitz Pepetual Night Perpetual Night 7"
More Fiends Wild West Philly Yo Asphalt Head
New Bad Things Josh Has a Crush on a Femme From Reed Freewheel
Old Time Relijun Everything is Broken Songbook Vol. I
Uz Jsme Doma Propast / Abyss Caves / Jeskyne
Nanuchka Slut Rebound Mediterranean EP
Mischief Brew Fight Dirty Fight Dirty
Chumbawamba Enough is Enough Anarchy
The Ex Cold Weather is Back Catch My Shoe
Axemen The 2-Bit Star Scary! Pt. III
Anal Cunt Radio Hit For the idiots who were crank calling me
Au Pairs Come Again Playing with a Different Sex
Billy Bragg Sexuality Don't Try This At Home
David Thomas and Two Pale Boys Obsession Erewhon
Joe Lally Day is Born Nothing Is Underrated

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