Dysnoise on Wed 12/8/10

Artist Title Album New
Dead Kennedys Bleed For Me Plastic Surgery Disasters/In God We Trust, Inc.
Die Kreuzen Think For Me Cows And Beer EP
Flux Of Pink Indians They Lie We Die Strive To Survive Causing The Least Suffering Possible
No Warning Short Fuse Ill Blood
Charles Bronson I'm So Smart Now Possessed To Skate Comp
The Queers Teenage Bonehead Love Songs For The Retarded
Suicidal Tendencies Possessed To Skate Possessed To Skate 12 Inch Single
ANS Blazing Saddles Gang Green Tribute Split 7 Inch
ANS Let's Drink Some Beer (Gang Green) Gang Green Tribute Split 7 Inch
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Alcohol (Gang Green) Gang Green Tribute Split 7 Inch
BSOM Insectious This Fuckin City 2
Vegan Reich Rage Of A Prophet Vanguard
Crucial Unit I Scream You Scream We All Scream For No Screamo Crucial Unit/Municipal Waste
Nuclear Assault Critical Mass Handle With Care
Scream Stand Still Screaming
YDI Mad At The World That's Punk, You're Not
Slapshot How Much Can I Take 16 Valve Hate
MDC Born To Die Millions Of Dead Cops
Infest Voice Your Opinion Slave
McRad Weak Style Absence Of Sanity
Stressed Out Stressed Out Stressed Out/Rip It Up
Seasick Cosmopolitan Convergence Imago/Gestalt
Loose Ends It's My Mind Lighthouse EP
Carcass Malgnant Defication Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment
Hummingbird Of Death Status Tats Show Us The Meaning Of Haste
Napalm Death Siege Of Power Scum
Anal Cunt Radio Hit Morbid Florist
Brutal Truth Denial Of Existence Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses
Darkthrone Hanging Out In Haiger Dark Thrones & Black Flags
Bethlehem Schatten Aus Der Alexander Welt Dictius Te Necare
Woe Quietly, Undramatically Quietly, Undramatically
Corrosion of Conformity Loss For Words Animosity
Product Of Waste Prophecies Of A Poor Man Prophecies Of A Poor Man
Dramarama Anything Anything Cinema Verite
Deathrats I'm Fine Deathrats
Dystopia Stress Builds Character Human = Garbage
Phobia Stinkhead Means Of Existence
Sore Throat A Bow To Capital Unhindered By Talent


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punx, metalheads, grinders, thrashers, moshers, crusties, losers, weirdos, squares, posers and late night drunk drivers. I want you all here Spike don't play with girls... This is dysnoise