Boombox covered by meghan on Fri 12/10/10

Punk's blarin' on my boombox!

Artist Title Album
Anti Social Traffic Lights Anti Social
Reagan Youth Are You Happy? Youth Anthems for the New Order
S.O.A. Riot I Was a Teenage Pencil Neck Geek
The F.U.'s Time is Money This Is Boston, Not L.A.
The Dils I Hate the Rich I Hate the Rich
The Freeze I Hate Tourists The Freeze EP
Mary Monday and the Bitches Popgun I Gave My Punk Jacket to Rickie
The Models Man of the Year Freeze/Man of the Year
Bandage Republik Bandage
The Asteroids Life on a Asteroid The Asteroids
The Depressions Street Kid Messing With Your Heart
Goteborg Sound 1978 1978/Jag Har Fatt Nog
Horrorcomic I Don't Mind Horrorcomic
Kevin Short & His Privates Short Cut Punk Strut/Short Cut
Bobby Soxx Hate In The 80's Bobby Soxx
Christian Lunch Joke's On You Let Them Eat Jellybeans!
Disco Zombies Disco Zombies Invisible EP
Punishment of Luxury Puppet Life Puppet Life
Shock Spoiled This Generation on Vacation
Wipers Up In Flames Better Off Dead EP
Angelic Upstarts Leave Me Alone Teenage Warning
Breakouts In Vagueness Deal In Vagueness Deal
Crap Detectors Police State Police State


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