Blast from the Past on Sat 12/18/10

Thee Slappy Hour

Tim Herron

Artist Title Album New
Plasmatics Incantation Beyond the Valley of 1984
Nuclear Assault Search & Seizure Handle With Care
Midnight Take You To Hell Complete And Total Fucking Midnight
Dwarves River City Come Clean
Fearless Iranians from Hell Blow Up the Embassy Fearless Iranians from Hell
Flag of Democracy House Made for Mannequins Shatter Your Day
Serial Killers Love Letter to Jamie Lee Curtis Roadside Rendezvous
The Ramones Wart Hog Mania
Rhythm Activism Bandura Waltz More Kick!
Grim Aria The Wind and the Wolves Down the Venom
Toxic Holocaust The Lord of the Wasteland An Overdose of Death...
All Out War Defiance Through Fear Into the Killing Fields
Skeletonwitch Released from the Catacombs Breathing the Fire
High on Fire The Yeti Surrounded by Thieves
Javelina Clergy of Snakes Javelina
Plasmatics Pig is a Pig Beyond the Valley of 1984
Jucifer Tratiors L'Autrichienne
Witch Hunt Sugarcoated Yet It Festers Inside This Is Only the Beginning...
Hirax Baptized by Fire El Rostro de la Muerte
Testament The Evil Has Landed The Formation of Damnation
Mercyful Fate Thirteen Invitations In the Shadows
Vacant Progress Bottom of the 9th Demo
Vacant Progress Zero Turn Demo
Bones Brigade The Joust Focused
Bones Brigade Disgruntled Old Dick Focused
Youth Brigade Did You Wanna Die Sink with Kalifornia
Mc Rad Dominant Force Dominant Force
OmegaLord Darkness Hammer Down
NunSlaughter You Say My Name Split with Throneum
A Life Once Lost I Give In Hunter
Starkweather Slither Croatoan

Blast from the Past

Alumni DJ
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Various alumni DJs revisiting WKDU's glory days.