Blast from the Past on Sat 12/18/10

Fuck, I'm dead (again).

Denise Thompson - The Goddess

Artist Title Album
Sopor Aerternus Conquerer Worm Sanatorium Altrosa
Killing Joke Eighties Nighttime
Siouxsie & The Banshees Ornaments of Gold Peepshow
Gene Love Jezebel Desire Desire
Fields of the Nephilim Moonchild Earth Inferno
Faith and the Muse Blessed Ankoku Butoh
Gary Numan Pure Pure
Lætherstrip We are Dust AEngelmaker
God Module Art (Aesthetic Perfection remix) The Magic in My Heart Has Died
Cesium_137 Endure (Encoder mix) Electronic Saviors - Industrial Music for a Cure for Cancer
Front Line Assembly Lurid Sensation Disorder
Wynardtage If There Is No Tomorrow The Grey Line
Revolting Cocks Stainless Steel Providers 12"
Project Pitchfork Beholder Contiuum Ride
Nitzer Ebb Shame
Mindless Faith A Blind Spot in Every Eye Medication for the Misinformed
Deviant UK Access Denied
Ego Likeness Breedless
Rabia Sorda Radio Paranoia Noise Diary
U-Tek I Am Moving I Am Moving EP
Dance or Die Heart of Silence 3001
Wumpscut Phistocontrol New Forms of Ent. Vol. 1
Eisbrecher Boese Maedchen Eiszeit
Santa Hates You Anguish P.A.N.I.C.
Aesthetic Perfection Spit it Out

Blast from the Past

Alumni DJ
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Various alumni DJs revisiting WKDU's glory days.