Blast from the Past on Mon 12/20/10

Vinegar Music Hour

Seth Soffer

Artist Title Album
Shizuo New Kick Shizuo vs Shizor
Strangulated Beatoffs Beatoffs Get Niggery Beating It Off All Over the World
Joe Walsh Space Age Whiz Kids Joe Walsh
Black Sabbath Riot We Want Sabbath Milwaukee 1980
Nigel Simpkins Times Encounter Messthetics Vol 1
Helios Creed Modular Green Lactating Purple
Drunks With Guns Dick in One Hand Drunks With Guns
Boogie Witch Transfiguration Boogie Boogie Witch EP
Violent Onsen Geisha Gotta Have It Shocks! Shocks! Shocks!
Damian and the Criterions Atlantic City USA Avant Garde
Bobby Soxx Scavenger of Death v/a Rhino Punk Comp
Minimal Man Highway The Shroud Of
Splotch Fur Two Million Fuckheads
Slug Hog Hangman v/a America the Beautiful
The Faith Healers Reptile Smile L'
Warlock Pinchers Confrontation Circusized Peanuts
Hanatarash Coconut v/a Mi Cabalito...
The Nykels Hotel No. 5 100 People in London Cannot Be Wrong...
Sockeye Destroy Everything Retards Hiss Past My Window
Home Blitz My Town Weird Things
The Pagans What's This Shit Called Love Shit Street
Screamin Mee-Mees Hot Sody Live From the Basement EP
Prehensile Monkeytailed Skink Alright We Found A Four-Track EP
To Live and Shave in LA Pictures at an Exhibition 30-Minute Mannercreme
Clawhammer Final Solution Double Pack Whack Attack dbl 7"
Atomic 61 Blue Christmas Blue Christmas
The Frogs Have a Merry X-mas Have a Merry X-mas
Flossie and the Unicorns Snow Machine Snow Machine
Ted Franko Santa Baby Santa Baby
Klaus Canterbury and the Aces Weigh It Up Weigh It Up
Zip Code Rapists Cut Your Hair Sing and Play Songs off the Matador Catalogue EP
Sara Goes Pop Fleeced Messthetics Vol 1
Meatus Murder Dill Pickles More Songs About Balling And Food
Roughage and Masonna Calendar Girl Roughage and Masonna
Wingtip Sloat Practicing to be a Doctor Santa on the Crappa cassette
Monoshock Striking a Match in the Year 4007 Monoshock
Skullflower Elf Piercer Last Shot at Heaven
Liquorball untitled Liquorball
Space Dust Cool Car Space Dust
Mammal Fatherlands Lonesome Drifter
Airway Perpendicular Thrust LAFMS Boxset
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 Green Eyed Lady Lonelyville
Mike Rep and the Quotas Aliens in our Kidst Twinkeyz Tribute
Pop Cruds Joe Sits on Cats Joe Sits on Cats
Icky Boyfriends Frank's Mom Frank's Mom
The Bunny Brains How Am I Supposed to Tell You... How Am I Supposed to Tell You...
FNU Ronnies Meat Meat
Preggy Peggy & the Lazy Baby Makers Play Meaty for Me Get An Ace Case Of The Measles
Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos Alice in Wonderland River Falling Love
The Girls Okie Dokie Live At The Rathskeller 5.17.1979
Ron of Japan Untitled Ron of Japan
Belastungsprobe 1981 Belastungsprobe
Scissor Sisters World of Unreal Time We People Space...
Plastic Ono Band Cold Turkey Cold Turkey
Garage Monster Powerhouse Powerhouse
The Screamers The Beat Goes On Live In San Francisco: Sept 2nd 1978
Thug Dad Tales From The Australian Underground Singles 76-89
Clockcleaner Hands are for Holding The Hassler
Krysmopompas Gesa Krysmopompas
Duran Duran Duran Gaetan Very Pleasure
Metabolismus Alpenglühn Alpenglühn
The Shadow Ring Lindus Slideshow Lindus
Shaking Ray Levis Double Keyboard Band Tarcus Sawed Off Optional Ingredients From A Vile Recipe Volume III EP
Hijokaidan Silver Machine Tapes
Double Leopards Sound Holes Halve Maen
Smegma Boils & Carbuncles Boils & Carbuncles
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck Morx & Kotschlag (exerpt) Morx & Kotschlag
Wolf Eyes Half Animal/Half Insane Dread
Stefan Jaworzyn Live on WKDU (exerpt) unreleased
Royal Trux Halucination Halucination
Pussy Galore Rip This Join Exile on Main Street
Pink Reason Livin in the City Bloodstains EP
Blue Gloryhole Cock Roach EP
Necro WSOU 89.5 Live Freestyle '99 Rare Demos And Freestyles Vol. 1
Confuse War of Pastime Indignation
Cicadashrine Crumpled Multiple Agonies EP

Blast from the Past

Alumni DJ
This program is not on the schedule.
Various alumni DJs revisiting WKDU's glory days.