Blast from the Past on Sun 12/19/10

Music for Cranky Old Men

Chris Marlowe

Artist Title Album
Kitschchao Gone Sane Peter Stumpe
Mortimer Smedley Give or Take Give or Take
Cows Hitting the Wall Peacetika
Cosmic Psychos Dead Roo Blokes You Can Trust LP
Antiseen Watch the Bastard Fry Southern Hostility
GI Party Line No Way Out
Teen Idols Sneakers Minor Disturbance
Lifesblood Counting On New York Hardcore, Where the Wild Things Are
Youth of Today Stabbed in the Back Break Down the Walls
Hall of Fame The Truth The Truth
Angry Samoans Gas Chamber Back From Samoa
Replacements Rattle Snake Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash
Agent Orange Bloodstains Bloodstains
Big Black Racer X Racer X
Lard Lard Power of Lard
White Flag Question of Intelligence FlipSide Vinyl Fanzine Volume 1
Wire Feeling Called Love Pink Flag
Wire 12XU Pink Flag
Buzzcocks Boredom Burning Ambitions, A History of Punk
Crass Bata Motel Penis Envy
Boss Hog Ski Bunny Boss Hog
Huggybear February 14th Huggybear / Bikini Kill
Bikini Kill Feels Blind Bikini Kill
Stinker Bell ? ?
Boss Hog Black Throat Action Box

Blast from the Past

Alumni DJ
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Various alumni DJs revisiting WKDU's glory days.