The Frequency on Sun 1/2/11

Top tracks of 2010

Artist Title Album Label New
Barn Owl and the Infinite String Ensemble Levitation The Headlands
Endless Boogie Tarmac City Full Head House
White Hills Dead White Hills
Purling Hiss Space Roots/Limerence Hissteria
Mount Carmel Sacksburg Mount Carmel
Bardo Pond Don't Know About You Bardo Pond
Group Inerane Deran Deran Guitars from Agadez, Volume 3
The Alps Crossing the Sands Le Voyage
Emeralds Science Center Does It Look Like I'm Here
Oneohtrix Point Never Stress Waves Returnal
Caribou Odessa Swim
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti Bright Lit Blue Skies Before Today
U.S. Girls I Don't Have a Mind of My Own Go Grey
Grouper Vessel Grouper/Roy Montgomery Split
Joanna Newsom '81 Have One on Me
Sun City Girls Come Maddelena Funeral Mariachi
Woven Hand His Rest The Threshingfloor
Warpaint Shadows The Fool
Puerto Rico Flowers This is Murder 4 12"
Tamaryn Dawning The Waves
Zola Jesus Sea Talk Valusia 12"
Deerhunter Don't Cry Halcyon Digest
Reading Rainbow Underground Prism Eyes
Super Wild Horses Golden Town Fifteen
The Young Bird in the Bush Voyagers of Legend
Circle Pit Drowning in the Dark Bruise Constellation
Eddy Current Suppression Ring I Got a Feeling Rush to Relax
White Lung Atlanta It's the Evil
Balaclavas 9 Livers Roman Holiday
Double Negative Endless Disappointment Daydream Nation
Mi Ami Harmonics (Genius of Love) Steal Your Face
The Bastard Noise Pincers' Movement A Culture of Monsters
Swans Inside Madeline My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope in the Sky

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