Dysnoise on Mon 1/3/11

Artist Title Album New
Urban Waste Eat Cake Recycled EP
Descendents She Loves Me Everything Sucks
Sloppy Seconds The Mighty Heroes Knock Yer Block Off
Ceremony Cross Them Out Violence Violence
Avail Simple Song 4 AM Friday
Charles Bronson Grown Up Corpses Possessed to Skate
Chokehold Existence Prison of Hope
Fugazi Waiting Room 13 Songs
Product of Waste Welcome to America You Won't Take Me Alive
Negative Approach Tied Down Tied Down
Adolescents Kids of the Black Hole Adolescents
Dos Amigos Snitch Bitch Eyesore Godstopper/Dos Amigos Split
Black Flag Beat My Head Against The Wall My War
Pissboys Words Split
Pegboy Through My Fingers Strong Reaction
Crass Where Next Columbus? Penis Envy
Suicidal Tendencies Won't Fall In Love Today I'll Hate You Better/Mandatory Love
No Friends We've Got No Friends No Friends
Screaming Females Normal Castle Talk
The Ergs! Most Violent Rap Group Dork Rock Cork Rod
Napalm Death I Abstain Utopia Banished
Insect Warfare Mind Ripper World Extermination
Terrorizer Resurrection World Downfall
Middle Class Out of Vogue Out of Vogue
Y.D.I. Friends A Place in the Sun
Intense Degree Bursting Hardcore Holocaust
Weekend Nachos Acceptable Violence Punish and Destroy
Weekend Nachos Mocked Punish and Destroy
Weekend Nachos Suburban Voice Punish and Destroy
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Alcohol Tribute to Gang Green
A.N.S. Blazing Saddles Tribute to Gang Green
A.N.S. Let's Drink Some Beer Tribute to Gang Green
Dystopia Stress Builds Character Human = Garbage
Discharge Protest and Survive Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
Poison Idea Plastic Bomb Feel the Darkness
J.F.A. I Don't Like You We Know You Suck
Chain of Strength True Till Death The One Thing That Still Holds True
Minor Threat In My Eyes In My Eyes EP
All She's My Ex Allroy's Revenge
McRad Words of Life Abscence of Sanity
The Nation of Ulysses Look Out! Soul is Back 13 Point Program to Destroy America
Corrosion of Conformity Consumed Animosity
Amebix Fear Of God Arise!


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punx, metalheads, grinders, thrashers, moshers, crusties, losers, weirdos, squares, posers and late night drunk drivers. I want you all here Spike don't play with girls... This is dysnoise