Usual Revolution and Then Some on Thu 1/6/11

Artist Title Album Label New Are the days of real french fries over Take care of my Cat OST WoolimSuf
Sufjan Stevens Futile Devices The age of Adz Asthmatic Kitty
Tired Pony The deepest ocean there is The place we ran from Mom and Pop
Voltaire Twins D.I.L. s/t voltaire twins
Tearliner Nae Gae Nun (Ice Cream) Romantic Island OST Pastel Music
The Hiatus ??????????????? Anomaly For Life Music
Ninaian Get a load of the smell of the dead man for a little Cruise Woolim
Sakanaction Yes No Kikuuiki Victor
Interpol A time to be so small Antics Matador
Negoto Hello Z Hello "Z" Ki/oon
Penguin Cafe Orchestra Perpetuum Mobile Prelude Airs and Yodels
Sufjan Stevens I walked Age of Adz Asthmatic Kitty
Voltaire Twins Cabin Fever s/t voltaire twins
Tired Pony Dead American Writers The place we ran from Mom and Pop
In Soon EE My Romance Beast and Beauty OST Woolim
Arcade Fire Suburban War The Suburbs Merge
Avengers in Sci-Fi Electric Boy Avenger Strikes Back Victor
Cubesato Hello? Whitecrest YoungParker
Miles Fisher This must be the place EP Miles Fisher
Dumbfoundead My liquor Store Blues Live Map the Soul
Nell 기억을 걷는 시간 Separation Anxiety Woolim
Asian Kung Gu Generation Blue Train Fan Club Ki/oon
Avengers in Sci-fi Delight Light Speed Dynamo Victor

Elephant, Some Bread, You and Me

La Rabia
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