Rat Radio Riot! on Mon 1/10/11

Crucial Fun Fest Serenade.
Also some new music.

Artist Title Album New
Backwords I Have Seen Quilt
The Delay Gray Like The Whale Plan-It-X Comp #2
Japanther Andre My Love Wolfenswan
American War Bricks Rhetoric
The Max Levine Ensemble Love, Capital L Ok Smarty Pants
One Reason No Surrender All Rivers Run South, All Roads Lead Home
Iron Chic Timecop Demo 2008
Candy Hearts Why Ripped Up Jeans & Silly Dreams
The Sidekicks Day-Staring Weight of Air
Doctor Dinosaur Artbeat Fantasy Pugs
Bandname Another Life Break Fast
Muy Cansado Not About A Girl Love & Fear
The Wild Oh Alex The Wild
Madeline Ava Telephone Lines For All The Shy Punk Kids
Timeshares Chinese Coffee Torture Timeshares
Andrew Jackson Jihad Ziggy Stardust Operation Stackola
Joe Mangum Dream Of Fish Madeline Ava & Joe Mangum
Toby Foster On The Hudson River On Moving and Standing Still
Kepi Ghoulie Life Sentence Life Sentence
Spraynard The "Z" Sealed It For Me Cut and Paste
Vacation Rattrick's Day 2k9 The Do Shit Disc
Town Hall Charlie Town Hall
Lincoln's Beard O Ton Brother's Grace
Bomb The Music Industry Fresh Attitude, Young Body Scrambles
Defiance, Ohio Petty Problems The Great Depression
Slingshot Dakota Michael Jordan Saved My Life Demo #3
Best Friends Forever Eisenhower Is The Father Romance Conflict Adventure
Deerhunter Desire Lines Halcyon Digest
Bandname Wonder Why Break Fast
Bushman's Holiday Mr. Spaceman Old Friends
Nana Grizol Voices Echo Down The Halls
Spoonboy Beat Your Dad
Joe Harbison Come On Eileen Mangnum Harbison Split
The Vandals I Know Huh? Hitler Bad, Vandals Good
Paul Baribeau Ten Things Grand Ledge
The Bananas Mr. Octopus is Dead The First 10 Years
Operation Cliff Clavin Stud or Slut Who Needs Electricity
St. Vincent Your Lips Are Red Marry Me
Adam Green My Shadow Tags on Behind Garfield

Rat Radio Riot!

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