The Shuffle on Wed 1/12/11

Artist Title Album New
By Surprise Invisible Ink By Surprise/Hightide Hotel
Pomegranates Create Your Own Reality One Of Us
Is And Of The People In Garbage or Something Demos
The Books The Story of Hip-Hop The Way Out
Dosh Subtractions Tommy
The Knife Na Na Na Silent Shout
Stereolab Neon Beanbag Not Music
Steve Reich Pulses Music for 18 Musicians
By The End Of Tonight What Must And Shall Be My Mom Caught Me In My Room Beat Boxin
Eux Autres Jamais Broken Bow
Starfucker Isabella of Castile Starfucker
Tristeza A traves De Los Ojos De Nuestra Hijas Paisajes
Unwed Sailor The Garden Little Wars
Weekend Coma Summer Sports
A Silver Mt. Zion God Bless Our Dead Marines Horses In The Sky
RJD2 The Horror Deadringer
Sleepover Peace Buds The Sun Ep
Christopher O'Riley Everything in its right place True love waits
John Zorn NY flat top box Naked City
Tyvek Underwater 2 Nothing Fits
Magic Missile Coffin Kid magic missile
Castevet When A Movie Is Made In France, Its Called Cinemas Summer Fences
Tamaryn Love fade The Waves

The Shuffle

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Like you hit the shuffle button in my head.