Backpack on Fri 1/14/11

Artist Title Album
Black Tusk Cease Fire Low Country (Split w/ ASG)
Refused Crusader of Hopelessness Songs to Fan The Flames of Discontent
Fu Manchu Unknown World The Action is GO!
Bones Brigade Enten War Endless Bummer
D.R.I. Money Stinks Dirty Rotten
The Appleseed Cast Mare Mortis Mare Vitalis
Spoon Claws Tracking Telephono
Minutemen Nothing Indeed Double Nickels on the Dime
Operation Ivy Missionary Energy
Melvins Dr. Geek Hostile Ambient Takeover
Off With Their Heads Spare Time In Desolation
Audible Motorcycle Sky Signal
Tame Impala Solitude Is Bliss Innerspeaker
Don Caballero I Never Liked You American Don
Arctic Monkeys The Death Ramps Teddy Picker
Sleep The Druid Holy Mountain
Violent Society Indivisible S/T 7"
Northern Liberties Dead Deer House Ghost Mind Electricity
The Sword Warp Riders Warp Riders
Hot Snakes Why Does It Hurt Suicide Invoice
The Ivory Coast Taking Up Serpents Clouds


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